Quiz: Name the John Wayne Movie From the Screenshot
Name the John Wayne Movie From the Screenshot
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

About This Quiz

He was the king of the Western movie genre! 

When it comes to individuals who have had successful careers in the film industry, there are few people who can match the accomplishments of John Wayne, aka the Duke. As an actor, he starred in well over a hundred motion pictures, many of continue to be praised to this day. However, he was not simply just an actor in the film industry; instead, he opted to become a triple threat! He directed a wide array of films, many of which he also starred in as well. In addition to this, it has been revealed that he was also uncredited on many of the films that he co-directed alongside other directors. He was also a successful producer during his career, and he even founded his very own independent film production company, Batjac Productions.

In this quiz, we are only going to be looking at a handful of John Wayne's most notable films—if we were to include them all, then this quiz would be enormous! So, how well do you think you know classic John Wayne movies? Put your knowledge of Western, action and war movies to the ultimate test right now. Let's go!

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