Quiz: Your Nails: Polished, plain or showing pulmonary problems?
Your Nails: Polished, plain or showing pulmonary problems?
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What does your manicurist know about your health? Maybe more than you think. Do you have the knowledge to use your nails as health sleuthing tool?

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What are your nails made of?
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True or false: Your fingernails grow faster during the summer.
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How many millimeters do toenails grow each month?
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What is the whitish crescent moon at the base of each nail called?
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What condition might you have if you have onycholysis, or Plummer's nail?
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What percentage of American kids and teens bite their nails?
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Which of the following might cause your nails to turn a blueish hue?
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True or false: Small white spots on your nail are usually harmless.
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What color might your nail beds turn if you have iron deficiency anemia?
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Roughly what percent of Americans have a fungal infection, such as yeast, in their nails?
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