Quiz: From Muslin to Brocade: A Textile Quiz
From Muslin to Brocade: A Textile Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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These flexible, colorful materials offer endless practical and artistic potential. How much do you know about textiles?

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In English, Latin word "textilis" means what?
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How many primary sources of textiles currently exist?
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Acrylic is often used to imitate what material?
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What is the name for the process of aligning fibers in the same direction for the purpose of textiles manufacturing?
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Seersucker fabric is made from which material?
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Byssus comes from which fiber source?
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The flax plant is used to make which sort of fiber?
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What do you call the lengthwise yarns in a fabric?
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Polyamide is better known by which name?
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Angora wool comes from which type of animal?
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Bedford cord is named after a town in which country?
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Polyester fabrics are incredibly stain resistant.
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What year did Spandex hit the clothing market?
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Wadmal is a rough cloth made from what material?
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What's a giveaway characteristic of Lurex yarn?
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In denim clothing, which part of the fabric is left white?
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Ancient evidence of linen-like materials date back how far in human history?
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Bengaline silk contains less silk and more of what material?
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Cashmere comes from which animal?
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What was rayon originally called?
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Aramid can be used in place of what other material?
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Where was Carrickmacross lace first introduced?
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In what sort of product might you find Aramid fibers?
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What purpose does acetate have when it is added to certain fabrics?
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What is another name for Hessian cloth?
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Cashmere wool is about how many times better at insulating compared to sheep's wool?
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Mohair comes from which type of animal?
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Velveteen is a combination of silk and what other material?
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