Quiz: The Ultimate Muskie Fishing Quiz
The Ultimate Muskie Fishing Quiz
By: Staff
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You're a seasoned angler and feel that you've outgrown bass, trout and the like. You're just itching to lay your hands on the elusive muskie. Is it as difficult as they say? Take this quiz to learn more about catching muskie.

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Which is usually bigger, panfish or muskie?
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What is the full name of the muskie?
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If you want to fish for muskie, what place is even better than the Great Lakes region?
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As an expert in catching muskie, what season is ideal for you?
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During the spring time, you are more likely to catch _____ muskie.
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What size bait can you catch large muskie with?
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Assuming you're not a muskie-angling expert, when is the best season to catch muskie?
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You catch a 48-inch (1.2-meter) muskie and your friends tell you it's not that big. Are they right?
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Muskie can be so difficult to catch that they are regarded as the fish of _____ casts.
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Are all anglers in agreement as to the best conditions for catching muskie?
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Most anglers have found that _____ is conducive for catching muskie.
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Who claimed to have caught an almost 70-pound (31-kilo) muskie in 1949?
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Based on what information did the World Record Muskie Alliance discount Spray's claim?
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Some evidence suggests that a taxidermist _____ Spray's fish.
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Whereas muskie anglers used to go for rods like pool cues, what do they prefer nowadays?
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