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It's time to put on makeup; it's time to dress up right. It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet quiz tonight!

It's generally believed that the name "Muppet" comes from a combination of what two words?

Jim Henson's wife Jane is one of many people who claim that Muppets are simply "marionette puppets."


What did Jim Henson use for Kermit's green outer layer on the first prototype?

Tough one, huh? If you were paying attention to the podcast, you learned that Jim Henson used his mother's coat for "proto-Kermit."


True or False: Muppets are now made from foam rubber.

Initially foam rubber was used, but Henson found that it didn't hold up over time. They now use reticulated polyfoam.


Within the Henson Company, the antron fleece used to make Muppet skin is called what?

Skin is a great guess, but workers at the Henson Company call the antron fabric "Muppet fleece."


Which Muppet is the only one that utilizes actual human hands?

Because of the complex hand movement, the Swedish Chef was the one with the real hands.


The special seamless stitch that Muppet designer Don Sahlin perfected was known as what?

Well, you had a 33.3 percent chance of guessing this one at least. It's named for the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson.


True or false: The Muppet's hands and arms are considered by Muppeteers to be their most important feature.

Not so. The Muppet's eyes are their most important feature, if you ask a Muppeteer.


Which feature helps to distinguish the age of a Muppet?

Everyone knows that younger Muppets have larger pupils than their older counterparts.


The shape formed by the eyes and nose of a Muppet is known as what?

Giving the Muppet focus and character has everything to do with the placement of the features within the Magic Triangle.


What feature has always been optional for Muppets?

Muppets can be either clothed or not, and it's not always consistent. Kermit was known to both wear clothing and go au natural.


What was the original name of the Muppet workshop?

Did this one trip you up? The un-original name of the Muppet workshop was the Muppet Workshop. It became the Creature Shop after the Disney purchase.


Grover is a classic example of what kind of puppet?

Grover, Kermit and many of the other most popular Muppets are hand and rod puppets.


Burt's buddy Ernie is known as what kind of puppet?

Requiring two Muppeteers to operate and not utilizing rods, Ernie is what's known as a live-hand puppet.


What is the smallest of all the Muppets?

The smallest of all Muppets, Oscar the Grouch's pet earthworm Slimey was only 3 inches long.


What kind of Muppet is Big Bird?

Because a real human fit into Big Bird's costume, he is known as a full-bodied Muppet.


"The Muppet Show" skit that featured an astronaut Miss Piggy was called what?

Astro Pig? Really? How could you forget the dramatic introduction to "PIGS IN SPAAAAACE!"


"The Muppet Show," which ran for five seasons beginning in 1976, was produced in what country?

Despite what many people think, "The Muppet Show" was a British TV programme that was distributed to the United States


What was the name of the piano playing Muppet dog?

Woof woof. The name of the piano playing Muppet pooch was Rowlf the Dog.


Everyone remembers lab assistant Beaker, but what was the name of the head scientist at Muppet Labs?

Beaker gets all the press, but the head of the Muppet Labs was Dr. Bunson Honeydew.


True or false: The name of the Muppet rock band from "The Muppet Show" was The Eclectic Mayhem.

This was pretty unfair actually, but the name of the band was the Electric, not Eclectic, Mayhem.


Which Muppet plays bass alongside Dr. Teeth in The Electric Mayhem?

As a tribute to The Beatles, the bass player for The Electric Mayhem was Sgt. Floyd Pepper.


Statler and Waldorf were known for sitting in the Muppet theater's box seats and doing what?

The grumpy old men in the box seats constantly heckled the performers and complained about the quality of the show.


The extra Muppets that aren't identified by name, but populate the background, are known as what?

The affectionate name given to the unsung heroes of "The Muppet Show" is Whatnots.


Which movie director got his start as Jim Henson's right hand man?

Frank Oz later became a film director, but he got his start performing as Muppets like Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Grover, to name a few.


Who was the Muppet monster who would eat other Muppets on "The Muppet Show"?

Behemoth and Crazy Harry were both Muppets, but it was the giant purple monster Gorgon Heap that ate other Muppets.


"The Muppet Movie" garnered two Academy Award nominations in 1979. What were they?

The music got most of the Academy's attention. Kermit's "Rainbow Connection" was nominated for Best Score and Best Original Song.


Of the five theatrical release Muppet films, which one grossed the most money?

"The Muppet Movie" was far and away the most successful of the movies with a total gross of more than $65,000,000.


What HBO show in the early 1980s featured Muppets of three different "races"?

Who can forget all of the fun that went on "down in Fraggle Rock"?


What Christmas special for HBO featured Jim Henson's furry creatures from Frogtown Hollow?

If you listened to the podcast, you'd know that Chuck's favorite Christmas special belongs to Emmet Otter.


What did no guest star of "The Muppet Show" ever do?

"The Muppet Show" itself never had any recurring guest stars, although singer John Denver appeared on the show and other Muppet specials.


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