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"The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" premiered the same week in 1964 and shared many story lines. Take our quiz to see if you can tell these two spooky sitcoms apart!

Which show's premiere episode featured a visit from a truancy officer?

After learning that neither Wednesday nor Pugsley had ever attended school, a truancy officer visited the Addams family in the premiere episode of the series.


Which family patriarch once dressed as the mighty King Arthur?

In the series premiere of "The Munsters," Herman dresses as King Arthur while Lily dons a Little Bo Peep costume.


What family's spooky dwelling is threatened by a potential pipeline running under the home?

When the city wants to run a pipeline directly under the Munsters' home, Grandpa's basement laboratory is threatened.


Which family attracted the attention of federal officers with some coded messages sent over a ham radio?

After Grandpa gives him a ham radio, Pugsley sends secret messages that attract unwanted attention from the feds on one episode of "The Addams Family."


Which of these fearsome fathers starts a major diet plan on Thanksgiving?

In order to fit into his old uniform for an Army reunion, Herman Munster starts a diet on Thanksgiving, making for one very grumpy monster.


Which family patriarch becomes a pro wrestler named the Masked Marvel?

In one episode of "The Munsters," Herman becomes the Masked Marvel to start a college fund for Eddie.


Which family plans a vacation to Mars?

The Addams family bet on racehorses to raise the funds for a nice vacation to Mars during the first season of the series.


The father on which show has a twin?

On "The Munsters," viewers are treated to a visit from Herman's twin brother Charlie, who happens to be a sneaky con man.


Which show features an episode where the family is chosen by a magazine as "America's average family"?

The Munsters are chosen by Event Magazine as "America's average family" — a title that Grandpa Munster finds incredibly insulting.


What family has a visiting family member who ends up in the zoo as an exhibit?

In the first season of "The Addams Family," the hairy Cousin Itt ends up in an exotic animal exhibit at the zoo.


What family has a son who picks up the unwanted nickname "Shorty"?

After the kids at school dub Eddie Munster a Shorty, Grandpa gets to work on a potion that will help Eddie grow.


Which of these shows features an episode of amnesia from a set of old Indian clubs?

Gomez Addams gets amnesia after he is hit by his old Indian clubs. Herman Munster also gets amnesia, but he is hit by a large safe.


Which family matriarch gives tango lessons for extra cash?

In an episode of "The Addams Family," Morticia offers tango and fencing lessons to rescue the family finances.


Which family fears their young son is transformed into a chimp?

After Uncle Fester accidentally traps Pugsley in a secret chamber, the family fears that the youngest member of the Addams family has been turned into a chimp.


Which family home is temporarily occupied by a rock band?

In an episode of "The Munsters," a band called the Standells moves into the dusty old Victorian home.


Which family ponders a move to Buffalo during season one?

After Herman is offered a promotion at work, the Munsters consider moving to Buffalo.


Which family's home is threatened by a freeway?

After the city plans to run the freeway through their property, the Addams simply move to the house to a nearby lot.


Which family's patriarch pens a play called "Claude and Mabel"?

Gomez Addams shows his artistic side when he writes a play, which shares a suspicious number of similarities with "Romeo and Juliet."


Which show features an episode when a family member ends up trapped in an ancient sarcophagus?

After taking a sleeping pill, Herman Munster ends up trapped in a sarcophagus at the museum.


Which family is subject to a visit from snooty Aunt Millie?

Gomez's sister, Millie, visits the Addams. She brings her assistant, Lady Fingers, who is a perfect match for Thing.


On which show do the mom and dad take on jobs as welders in a shipyard?

To buy each other anniversary presents, Lily and Herman Munster pick up side jobs welding in a shipyard.


Which family's patriarch runs for mayor?

Insulted by a tax bill that he deems to be too low, Gomez Addams runs for mayor.


Which family father is struck by lightning, making him appear "normal"?

After one of Grandpa's experiments go awry, a strike from a lightning bolt gives Herman Munster a more traditional appearance.


Which family's mother becomes a sculptor in her free time?

To beat her boredom, Morticia Addams takes up sculpting, leaving boulders strewn across the house.


Which family receives an inheritance from Cousin Wolverine?

After Cousin Wolverine leaves them some cash, Lily Munster and her niece, Marilyn, open a beauty parlor.


Which family has a member who gets stuck in the chimney while playing Santa?

Uncle Fester tries to impress the Addams by dressing up as Santa but ends up trapped in the chimney.


Which family sails off in search of pirate treasure?

The Addams Family hires a boat to locate treasure hidden by Peg-Leg Addams the pirate.


Which family's youngest son loves the Zombo show?

Eddie Munster enters a contest and wins, earning an appearance on the Zombo TV show.


Which family builds a robot helper named Smiley?

The Addams construct Smiley the robot to help Lurch around the house, but they end up hurting Lurch's feelings instead.


Which family builds a robot brother for the youngest son?

When poor Eddie Munster gets lonely, the family constructs a robot named Boris to keep him company.


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