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The multifunction tool is a handyman's dream, with a number of essential tools enclosed in one small convenient unit. Check out our quiz to learn more about these fascinatingly versatile implements.

Who invented the first multifunction tool and when?

Karl Elsener invented it for the Swiss Army in 1891.


Why was it called the Swiss Army Knife?

The Swiss name, Offiziermesser, (which means officers' knife) could not be pronounced by American soldiers in WWll, and so they called it a Swiss Army knife.


What was the next major multifunction tool?

This was the Leatherman.


How did this tool get its name?

Tim Leatherman invented it.


Other than wanting to make money, why did Leatherman invent his multifunction tool?

He found the venerable Swiss Army knife to be inadequate for a handyman.


What was the major innovation?

Real needle nose pliers were added to the usual knives, scissors and screwdrivers.


What is the official name of the Swiss Army knife's manufacturer?

The official name is Victorinox Swiss Army.


What are the two basic styles of multifunction tools?

They come in pocket versions and those designed to be attached to a belt.


Who owns the company that makes the Swiss Army knife?

Elsener's family still owns the company.


How was the Leatherman received at first?

In the first year it sold about 30,000 units by mail order.


Although the Swiss Army knife has been to the North Pole, Mount Everest and on a space shuttle, where can you absolutely not take your faithful companion?

After September 11, 2001, nothing even resembling a knife is allowed through airport security.


What is the major purpose of the Rescue Tool?

This tool includes implements to help you escape from a disabled car.


What does the Rescue Tool offer for dealing with shatterproof glass?

It has a removable disk saw for cutting through shatterproof glass.


And just what do you think a Swiss Flash is?

It is basically a pocket knife with a USB flash drive.


If you were given a Giant Knife, made by Wenger, what would you have received?

An expensive multifunction tool with 87 implements.


In the category of tools, just what is a Squirt?

Leatherman makes these versatile keychain-sized multifunction tools.


What are the main implements of the Freestyle CX?

The five functions are needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard wire cutters and an outside accessible knife.


Has Hollywood shown any interest in multifunction tools?

Probably the best known use of multifunction tools was on the series "MacGyver." He used everyday items to build all kinds of weird and wonderful devices to help get him out of trouble.


In a military context, is there a difference between a black oxide and a stainless steel finish of multifunction tools?

The black oxide does not reflect light, which could be an advantage.


A Turtle 8 is on sale at the local store. What are you looking at?

It is a tiny multi-tool that is oval and nearly flat but has a full range of basic tools. When open, it resembles a turtle.


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