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Most of us listen to our music with an MP3 player of some kind. Keeping that essential part of our lifestyle clean is not too difficult. Take this quiz and see just how easy it is.

On what do most people listen to their music?

Most people use an MP3 player of some kind.


Why are the main characteristics of an MP3 player?

These compact devices hold a great deal of music.


How do you clean the inside of an MP3 player?

They are sealed and don't need to be cleaned inside.


What is usually used to clean the outside of the MP3 player?

A microfiber cloth will do it. Cleaning kits like those for computers are readily available.


Should you use the cleaning fluids on the plug ports and dock connections?

Don't get liquid inside the device -- you could cause corrosion or a short circuit.


What kind of person would want the screen to always be clean?

A neat freak would want a clean screen.


What is a microfiber cloth?

It is a soft lint-free cloth for cleaning eye glasses, MP3s and computer peripherals.


What can you do about fingerprints on your MP3 player?

They can usually be wiped off with a microfiber cloth.


If there are stubborn stains on your screen, what should you do?

MP3 cleaning kits consist of a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution.


Where is the first place to look for cleaning precautions regarding your MP3 player?

You should glance at the owner's manual.


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