Quiz: The Ultimate Most Dangerous Sharks Quiz
The Ultimate Most Dangerous Sharks Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Get the facts about shark attacks and you may feel less anxious in the water. Take this quiz to learn about the most dangerous sharks.

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Of the 400 shark species alive today, how many have actually taken a bite out of a human?
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How fast can the shortfin mako swim?
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Why should swimmers not be concerned about a shark attack by the shortfin mako?
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What prey is the shortfin mako most interested in pursuing?
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Who may the first to arrive to the scene of a shipwreck?
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Where can you get reliable information about shark attacks?
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What is a provoked shark attack?
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What is one of the most plentiful large fish in the ocean?
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Which shark is known for eating pretty much anything?
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Where did Australian police find evidence of a murder?
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Why should sea turtles fear the tiger shark?
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How many fatalities are tiger sharks credited with?
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Why should people fear the bull shark?
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Where do bull sharks live?
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How does the sand tiger shark deal with sibling rivalry?
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How does the Greenland shark avenge its own death?
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Which shark is the most dangerous to people and boats?
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Who is the author of the book "Jaws"?
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What do great white sharks prefer to eat?
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Where do great white sharks usually swim?
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