Quiz: The Ultimate Most Dangerous Place on Earth Quiz
The Ultimate Most Dangerous Place on Earth Quiz
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There are dangers waiting for us around every corner, be it cars accidents, diseases, earthquakes or floods. However, some places are more dangerous than others, facing violence, war or terrorism. Take this quiz to learn about avoiding the most dangerous places on Earth.

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What is the cause of danger in most dangerous places?
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How many indicators are used to define the presence or absence of peace in a country on the Global Peace Index?
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Which is the most dangerous city in the U.S.?
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What do the top 10 most dangerous cities in the U.S. have in common?
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Which of the following countries ranks at the bottom of the Global Peace Index?
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In which city in Sudan has most of the conflict occurred?
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How many people have been displaced in Sudan due to the conflict?
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What is thought to be the cause behind the thousands of people killed in Sudan?
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Why is Israel considered one of the most dangerous countries, according to the Global Peace Index?
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Which part of Israel and the Palestinian areas does the U.S. Department of State warn Americans to avoid?
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In what year did the government of Somalia collapse?
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What dangerous activities occur off the coast of Somalia?
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According to the Global Peace Index, Afghanistan scored lower than any other country in which area?
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Which country is ranked as the most peaceful on the Global Peace Index?
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Who was the Iraqi president that led the country into war with Iran?
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In what year did the United States and the United Kingdom invade Iraq?
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Many Iraqis live off less than ___ per day.
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Which floor of a hotel is the safest to be in while traveling?
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If you get kidnapped while overseas, what is the best stance to take?
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