Quiz: The Ultimate Mosquito Quiz
The Ultimate Mosquito Quiz
By: Staff
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One of the most annoying and hard to avoid insects is the tiny mosquito. This insect, which is notorious for carrying serious diseases, can be found almost anywhere that a human can venture. Stopping over in a mosquito-infested area can turn an adventure into a nightmare in moments. Take our quiz to learn more about the mosquito.

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What insect is considered the most dangerous to man by most experts?
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What other agents besides mosquitoes carry and transmit viral encephalitis?
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What is the highest altitude that mosquitoes have been found living successfully?
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How many known species of mosquito are there?
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How many eggs do mosquitoes lay at a time?
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What is the average life span of an adult female mosquito?
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What is the average life span of a male mosquito?
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What is the scientific name of the common house mosquito?
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What is a common name given to mosquito larvae?
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What do mosquito pupae eat for the few days before they are full-grown, rise to the surface and shed their skin?
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What disease-causing protozoan must go through part of its life cycle in a mosquito before it can infect humans?
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What is the most effective repellant base to discourage mosquito bites on humans and pets?
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