Quiz: The Ultimate Montreal Quiz
The Ultimate Montreal Quiz
By: Staff
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It may be cold outside, but Montreal's good cheer and passion for life will warm your heart. Montrealers have learned to take advantage of the short summers and pack lots in, but that doesn't mean winter is a quiet time -- they have developed the art of winter entertainment. Take our quiz and find your way around this warm hearted and tolerant city.

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What attraction in Montreal is one of the largest in the world?
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How far is Montreal from the United States border?
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Who was the first European to climb Mont Royal?
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How many feet is the city's welcoming beacon, the landmark cross?
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What is the safety situation in Montreal?
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What is Montreal's population?
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How is temperature measured in Montreal?
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What is the best way to get around Montreal?
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What is the speed limit on highways in Montreal?
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What does a flashing green light signal?
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How much does a one day tourist bus card cost?
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How much does a taxi ride in from the airport cost?
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How many insects does the Insectarium de Montreal house?
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When was the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts founded?
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