Quiz: The Ultimate Mole Quiz
The Ultimate Mole Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

If you have unsightly ridges and hills in your yard, you may have a mole. The mole can ruin your garden by cutting off the root systems of your plants and grass. Take this quiz to learn more about the subversive mole.

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Where is the mole's habitat?
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What sense is most important to moles?
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How well does the mole see in the dark underground tunnels that are its natural habitat?
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What does the mole use the tip of its snout for?
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What do moles use to dig a tunnel?
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What do moles like to put in special storage places to eat in the future?
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What animals will a mole eat?
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When do moles mate?
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How many mole babies are born from a pregnancy?
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When do moles mature?
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What is the lifespan of a mole?
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How do moles spoil the appearance of gardens and golf courses?
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What is the skin of moles used for?
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How many tentacle-like feelers does the star-nosed mole have on the end of its snout?
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How many species of moles are there?
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What is unusual about the golden mole?
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Where does the mole sleep?
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How can a mole destroy a garden?
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How long can a mole go without food?
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