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For a lot of Westerners, civil war is a thing of sepia-toned documentaries. But there are many ongoing conflicts in the world. Test your knowledge of a few of them here — and maybe learn a little about the story behind the headlines.

Some modern civil wars have been going for years. Name one ongoing civil war from the middle of the 20th century.

The Israelis and Palestinians have been in conflict for well over 50 years.


South Sudan's civil war is being fought by what ethnic groups?

Violence broke out in 2013 between the Dinka and the Nuer.


What caused the political upheaval and war in South Sudan?

The Dinka sided with President Salva Kiir, while the Nuer supported Vice President Riek Machar.


Since 2013, how many people are estimated to have been killed in the civil war?

The conflict, in its third year, has been bloody, with more than 50,000 casualties.


What is another adverse effect of the violence in South Sudan?

With the lack of crops, a terrible food shortage has occurred.


In July 2014, the United Nations warned that the food shortage could have what effect in South Sudan?

They declared the food shortage the worst in the world, with both of these statements as possibilities.


How many people have been displaced in the South Sudanese conflict?

A staggering number of people — 1.6 million — have been affected.


Yemen is also facing an ongoing civil war. What group is leading the insurgency?

Houthis are part of a religious sect.


What branch are the Houthis part of?

They are Zaidi Shiite, a sect of the branch of Shiite Islam.


What are Yemeni Houthis officially referred to as?

Ansar Allah means Partisans of God, and the sect makes up roughly a third of the Yemeni population.


Who did the Houthi rebels force out of office in early 2015?

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi had to flee the capitol after rebel Houthi forces descended.


Hadi is now …

He rescinded his resignation in fall 2015 and went back to Yemen.


The political chaos has resulted in …

IS and AQAP have been able to build robust operation networks in unstable Yemen.


The war in Yemen has left how many people displaced?

Along with terrorist threats and food insecurity, more than a million Yemenis have also been displaced by the conflicts.


You might be familiar with the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, but do you know what group is attempting an insurgency?

The Afghan Taliban were driven out of the country but are still waging battle.


Where are the Taliban now?

The Taliban are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They control more Afghan territory now than any time since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion.


When did the Syrian civil war begin?

The Syrian conflict began as part of the Arab Spring in 2011.


What was the focus of the initial Syrian Arab Spring protests?

President Assad was extremely unpopular with some Syrians.


Who joined forces with the Syrian government against rebels?

Both countries joined forces with the government, along with Hezbollah and the Lebanese Shiite Muslim party.


Who has been able to operate in a wide swath of Syrian territory?

IS has been able to take control or operate in much of Syria.


How many people are now registered as Syrian refugees?

A huge number of people have fled the country. There are 4.8 million people registered as refugees.


What proportion of the population of Syria has been either fled or internally displaced by fighting?

About half of Syria's prewar population has been forced from their homes.


Where have most of the refugees gone?

Nearby Turkey has taken in 2 million refugees.


How many IS fighters are estimated to be in Syria?

IS has roughly 25,000 foreign fighters, most of whom are in Syria.


Libya has two different groups that claim to be what?

They claim to be the ruling government. And hold on, because it gets more complicated.


The General National Congress (GNC) in Libya was voted out of power but did what instead?

While the government was based in Tobruk, Libya, the GNC decided to transfer and gain power from Tripoli.


The rival Libyan government is called what?

The House of Representative government is based in Tobruk.


The Libyan "Operation Dignity" called for …

Gen. Khalifa Haftar, a former Gadhafi loyalist, leads the charge.


To counter Operation Dignity, opponents formed a group called ...

Some Islamists and militias united in Libya Dawn.


How many Libyan people have been internally displaced in the fighting and political chaos?

About 435,000 people have been internally displaced. Keep in mind that scores of rebel and militia groups, including IS and Ansar al-Sharia, have also provoked turmoil and disorder in the country.


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