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You can buy one for a little more than 10 dollars, but can you fly one? See how high your model rocketry smarts will take you with this quiz.

When and where did the first documented use of a rocket take place?

While ancient writings indicate that a Greek, named Archytas, invented a steam-propelled "pigeon" that ran along a guide wire, the first true rockets were invented in China more than 1,000 years later.


What event sparked model rocketry's rise in popularity in the United States?

As the space race geared up with he launch of Sputnik 1, so did America's interest in model rocketry. Today, many U.S. scientists and engineers credit early experiences with model rocketry as the inspiration for their career path.


What significant innovation greatly improved the safety of early amateur rockets, leading to the invention of model rockets?

Liquid propellants, while extremely powerful, are much more difficult and dangerous to work with than solid propellants. The invention of a safe, reliable solid-fuel rocket engine by Orville Carlisle drastically reduced the number of injuries resulting from rocket launches.


To be considered a model rocket, a rocket must meet which of the following requirements?

Model rockets meet all those requirements, and they're safe to use by people of all ages largely because they're designed for relatively low altitude flights. "High power rockets" and amateur rockets, on the other hand, have fewer restrictions. Accordingly, agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as state and local authorities highly regulate their sale and flight.


How many model rockets are estimated to have been launched in the United States since 1957?

Over the decades, enthusiasts have launched 500 million model rockets, and yet there has never been a single death resulting from their use, making model rocketry one of the safest outdoor hobbies around.


Which of the following is included with every model rocket sold in the United States?

Short or tall, whimsical or realistic; model rockets come in nearly every variety imaginable. The only thing you can be sure to find in your model rocketry kit is a copy of the NAR safety codes, a list of common sense rules designed to keep injuries to a minimum.


Which of the following is NOT a safety feature found in modern model rockets?

Model rockets have several safety features that keep injuries to a minimum while making them easy to launch and recover, but they simply don’t get hot enough to warrant heat-resistant paint and decals.


Which of the following features can't be included on a model rocket?

As long as rockets meet the required specifications for model rocketry, they can include any of the features above. However, rockets capable of carrying payloads should never contain animals.


How fast can a model rocket fly?

Model rockets can generate tremendous speeds of more than 200 miles per hour, thanks to their engines and lightweight, aerodynamic shapes.


According to the U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code, how many different events can model rocket enthusiasts enter at each competition?

Twenty-seven different model rocketry events test participants across a wide variety of challenges. Flight time, height, landing accuracy and even research and development are just some of the categories of competition.


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