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Minimalist design challenges people who love clutter. Take this quiz to see how minimal your knowledge is about this stark design style.

Minimalism is most associated with what part of the world?

Asian design definitely inspired many elements of Minimalism, but the movement is most associated with the Western world, particularly the United States.


When did the Minimalist movement first come about?

The depression era may have forced families to live with little, but Minimalism as a design movement came about after World War II.


True or false: Minimalism can also to apply to car design, art and even literature.

Minimalism as a movement hit many areas of art and culture, including painting, sculpture, music, car design and yes, literature.


What motto best describes Minimalist design?

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the early pioneers of modern architecture, loved the motto "less is more" to describe his minimalist style.


Because of the empty spaces inherent in Minimalism, what element is essential?

Furniture, color and lighting are important in any design, but lighting is key with Minimalist design, and it's often used to either highlight or de-emphasize empty space.


What might a piece of art for a Minimalist living room might look like?

Take your pick of a lone cube, a black square canvas or a even a lone stripe on framed parchment paper. Minimalist art is so stark that some people fail to appreciate it.


True or false: A room with a single folding chair is a great example of well-executed minimalist design.

Minimalism is about "less is more," but it's still vital that a room be functional for the homeowner. A person sitting on a single chair in a stark room is more like performance art.


What shape might the roof of a Minimalist home take?

Steep and gabled roofs are more indicative of the Arts and Crafts movement. Minimalist architecture often uses flat roofs to highlight clean lines and right angles.


What popular floor plan was influenced by the Minimalist design of the 1970s?

The open floor plans that are popular today draw from the lack of walls in 1970s Minimalist home designs.


What personal quality should a Minimalist homeowner possess?

A bad temper doesn't suit any home, and while patience is a virtue, it doesn't have much to do with design choices. A Minimalist homeowner better be well organized though, because the style depends on a clutter-free, clean environment.


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