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Punching trees is an easy way to begin, but to survive long term in 'Minecraft' you'll have to handle everything from starvation to skeletons to silverfish. Do you know your planks from your pistons and your ghasts from your golems?

First off, we're playing the PC/Mac version of "Minecraft." It's your first night in survival mode. Which of these combos is most crucial if you want to live until morning?

If you were really lucky or you had generous friends already in the game, maybe -- MAYBE -- you could get enough armor on your first night to survive until morning. You'll need that other stuff eventually, but the first night is all about light and shelter.

It's nighttime and raining. You take a careful look outside and see something red flickering off in the distance. What is it?

Poor Enderman. He's caught in the rain, and water hurts him. If he dies and you find the spot where it happened quickly enough, you may be lucky enough to find an Ender Pearl without having to fight for it, which is handy. Endermen hit hard.

Time to explore. Which of the following are examples of Overworld biomes in "Minecraft"?

These are all biomes in "Minecraft," and if you want to get hair-splitty, you can also count borderland biomes like beaches, rivers and the aptly named "extreme hills edge."

The most infamous monsters in "Minecraft" are creepers: green creatures that explode when they get too close to you. Are they boys or girls?

In 2012, Notch, the creator of "Minecraft," described it as "a game where gender doesn’t even exist." He went on to note that the chickens (or maybe they're ducks?) have rooster wattles but also lay eggs.

Which of the following can you plant in your "Minecraft" garden?

You can grow potatoes in "Minecraft," but if you want to grow dragon fruit and corn, you'll need to play another game that combines crafting with survival: "Don't Starve."

Which of these foods will fill you up the most in game?

Although an entire cake will fill you up more than any other food in "Minecraft," you have to have milk, sugar, an egg and wheat to make it. Steaks and baked potatoes just require raw beef and raw potatoes.

You want to get your hands on some diamonds, so you decide to get into the mining part of "Minecraft." How far down will you need to go?

Minecraft layers count down the deeper you go, and you'll need to get at least to layer 15 to find diamonds.

Back in your base, you combine wood planks with a diamond you found to craft a jukebox. Cool! Now how do you get a collection of music discs to play in it?

Although you can find a couple of music discs in chests around the world, you have to get a skeleton to kill a creeper for most of them.

You decide to build some creeper traps to make this whole music disc thing easier … but creepers keep blowing you up while you work. What should you do?

While fortifying your base will be important to your long-term survival, any of these will give you some peace and quiet while you figure out how to build a creeper trap.

Your creeper trap uses pistons to push blocks around, but you want them to pull the blocks back when you're done. How do you make your piston sticky?

You can make a piston sticky using slimeballs, which you can get from killing bouncing, green slimes. You can find them underground and in swamps.

Enough with the creepers. You decide to get a cat to help keep them away from your house. To do this, you'll need to tame an ocelot. But how?

Like many real-world cats, ocelots can be finicky. You may get lucky and tame one on the first try, but it could take more like 20 fish. The same basic trick works to tame wolves, but you'll need bones instead of fish.

Besides cats and dogs, what else will help you defend your base?

Villagers, whether they're in their own village or at your base, are useless in a fight, and zombie villagers will attack you, just like any other zombies. But if you make golems from iron or snow, they'll fight monsters (although snow golems can't damage most mobs).

You found horses! How do you tame a horse in "Minecraft"?

With nothing in your hand, right-click on a horse. It'll probably throw you off at least once. Once you see hearts, it'll let you ride. And if you right-click again with a saddle in your hand, you won't have to ride bareback.

You find a village full of villagers. Which one will sell you a nametag?

Librarian villagers will sell you nametags (which you can use to name animals) after you trade enough other stuff with them.

Redstone circuitry is the "Minecraft" version of electrical engineering and can be used to build all kinds of amazing gadgetry. How far can redstone wire carry a signal before it needs a boost?

A signal gets weaker the farther it travels along a redstone wire, and it'll stop completely after 15 blocks. You can boost the signal with a redstone torch.

Redstone is also an ingredient in some potions, and to make them you'll need a brewing stand. That requires a blaze rod. Where do you get one?

Blazes, which live in the Nether, are essentially blaze rods surrounded by death, so good luck if you find five or six of them at once.

In the Nether, you may also find yourself fighting ghasts, which look like giant flying jellyfish and shoot fireballs at you. Where did their distinctive sound come from?

Apparently, the composer of the "Minecraft" soundtrack has a cat that makes horrible noises when annoyed while napping.

You want to visit the End and try to take out the Ender Dragon. How do you get there?

Look out for silverfish while you're picking around that stronghold; some of the blocks are infested with them.

You make it to the End. What unique headwear might help keep you safe out there?

With a pumpkin on your head, you won't make eye contact with all those Endermen out there.

Why don't you want to make eye contact with the Endermen?

Endermen really do not like to be looked at, and they'll become hostile if you do.

What happens after you defeat the Ender Dragon and leave the End?

You can stick around in the End as long as you like, picking up End Blocks and obsidian, but once you'll leave, credits will roll (and then you can keep playing).

Once you leave the End and get that sweet, sweet achievement called "The End." which achievements become available for you to work on?

In Minecraft for PC, you get "The End." for killing the Ender Dragon and leaving the End. That makes it possible to try for "The Beginning?" which involves spawning a Wither.

How are you going to spawn that Wither?

To spawn the Wither, you need three Wither Skulls, which drop from Wither Skeletons.

What was Minecraft's big announcement in September 2014?

All these things sounded equally improbable to some folks at the time, but the real news in September 2014 was Minecraft being sold to Microsoft.

What are some subjects taught using Minecraft?, and others have teamed up with Minecraft to teach all of these subjects.

If you want to get in on the latest, still-in-the-works upgrades to Minecraft, what do you need?

Minecraft releases updates as snapshots, getting feedback and working out bugs from players who have opted in before releasing new versions to the general public.

"Minecraft" player theinternetftw became famous on the Internet for what achievement?

Theinternetftw's ALU was featured in the "Minecraft" documentary, "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang."

Who composed the "Minecraft" soundtrack?

Daniel Rosenfeld, also known as C418, composed the scores for both "Minecraft" and the documentary about the game and the company behind it, "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang."

What's Story Mode?

The first chapter of Telltale Games' "Minecraft: Story Mode" debuted in October 2015.

Ssssssssssssss …

Step 1: Get away from creeper. Step 2: Kill creeper. There are many legitimate ways to do this, but a good starting point is to knock it back with a sword, then back off a bit ... quickly, before it explodes.

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