Quiz: The Ultimate Mine-Disarming Dolphins Quiz
The Ultimate Mine-Disarming Dolphins Quiz
By: Staff
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Who would have thought that dolphins might be an important part of a war effort? Dolphins have natural abilities that allow them to detect underwater mines, potentially saving many lives and millions of dollars of marine equipment. Take this quiz to learn more about the dolphin's role in disarming mines.

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What is the most common cause of ship damage?
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Since when have dolphins been used to find underwater mines?
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How do the dolphins indicate to humans that they have spotted a mine?
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What is the type of sonar used by dolphins called?
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From how far away can dolphins determine the difference between a BB gun pellet and a corn kernel?
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Which part of the dolphin's body absorbs the echo?
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How does the navy defend its use of dolphins for mine-disarming to animal rights groups?
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What sort of object can detonate a mine?
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What is a potential hazard of transporting dolphins to potentially mine-infested waters?
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What happens to dolphins when they are transported to mine-infested waters?
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What is a concern for dolphins when transferring them to different waters?
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