Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Milton-Bradley Games Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Milton-Bradley Games Quiz
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This company has published many games that turned into cultural phenomena. How much do you know about these Milton-Bradley games?

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How many blocks are included in Jenga, which requires players to remove pieces from a tower without causing it to fall?
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Cheyenne was a board game based on what?
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Which game features The Empire versus Chaos?
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Yahtzee was first called what?
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What do you try to do to your opponents in Hotel?
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How many sides are there to the die included in Scattergories?
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Why was "Twister" a controversial game when it was introduced?
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When did the first version of The Game of Life appear?
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When did the modern incarnation of The Game of Life first hit the market?
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Why didn't the first versions of The Game of Life include dice?
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What's the maximum number of players for Stratego?
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What color of hippo does NOT appear on the Hungry Hungry Hippos board?
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Battleship was probably inspired by which conflict?
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In what year was the World War II game Axis & Allies first published?
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A college student sold his rights to Operation in exchange for what?
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What's the most expensive procedure in Operation?
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Connect Four is also known as what?
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How many columns are there in the Connect Four grid?
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About how many combinations of positions (total) are there for a game of Connect Four?
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How does your turn end in Barrel of Monkeys?
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In theory, what happens if you begin a game of "Connect Four" anywhere but the center column?
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Which board game is based on a book written by Howard Roger Garis?
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What's the objective in The Game of Cootie?
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How many keys do you have to collect to win Dark Tower?
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What's the current unofficial record for winning Barrel of Monkeys?
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In what year was Candyland first released?
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About how many copies of Candyland sell each year?
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How much did the board game called Uncle Wiggily cost in 1947?
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