Quiz: The Ultimate Miami Quiz
The Ultimate Miami Quiz
By: Staff
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You've heard all about Miami -- sizzling temperatures, sizzling beaches, sizzling nightlife. The city is also a rich cultural mix of North American and South American cultures. Take our quiz and learn more about sizzling Miami.

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How many visitors does Miami get a year?
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Which architectural style does Miami boast?
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How much area does Greater Miami encompass?
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What is Miami's population?
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When is the peak tourist season?
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What is the best advice when it comes to traveling around Miami?
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What is the public transport system like?
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How much does the Metromover cost?
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At what speeds are balls thrown in the Jai Alai game?
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When did the Miami Performing Arts Center open?
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How many types of mango are there at the Homestead's Fruit and Spice Park?
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Which area is the first location to be listed as a 20th century district on the National Register of Historic Places?
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How many gallons of water does Coral Gables' Venetian Pool contain?
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When was the Spanish Monastery built?
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When in Miami, how far away from a shopping district are you?
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If you want to celebrity watch, which hotel should you hang out at?
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