Quiz: The Ultimate 'Metroid' Quiz
The Ultimate 'Metroid' Quiz
By: Staff
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Samus Aran's adventures have taken her to some of the weirdest places in the universe. How much do you know about the "Metroid" game series? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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How does the hero open doors in "Metroid Fusion"?
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What was the capacity of the cartridges on which "Super Metroid" was released?
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What is the name of the Space Pirates' leader?
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"Metroid Fusion" sold about how many copies in the United States?
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What is the name of the planet that's the setting for the game?
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According to the player's guide, how tall is Samus?
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How many eyes does Mother Brain have?
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Which version of the game was the first to employ a first-person perspective?
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What year was "Metroid: Other M" released?
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What do the Space Pirates feed Ridley to resurrect him?
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What is one of Samus' best moves?
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Emperor Ing is the main enemy in which edition of the game?
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Players don't learn the protagonist of "Metroid" is a female unless they do what?
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For which gaming system was "Metroid" first released?
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What do you receive if you enter the secret code NARPAS SWORD?
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Pointing the remote at the screen in "Metroid: Other M" caused the game to do what?
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"Metroid II: Return of Samus" was released for which platforms?
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Kraid is an enemy character that resembles what?
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What's the maximum number of players in the multiplayer mode in "Metroid Prime Hunters"?
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In which year was the first "Metroid" game released?
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In "Metroid Fusion" creatures are infected with virions called what?
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How many levels are there in "Metroid II: Return of Samus"?
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Which trait set early "Metroid" games apart from other popular titles?
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How many people were on the team that created "Super Metroid," one of the best-received games in the series?
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Yoshio Sakamoto said which sci-fi movie was an enormous influence on "Metroid"?
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The Chozo adopted Samus and injected their DNA into her, giving her which advantage?
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