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Don't let the fear of tarnish stop you from buying a gorgeous copper kettle. To keep metals shiny and new looking, use some old fashioned cleaning methods. Take this quiz to see how sparkling your knowledge of cleaning metal is.

What do most people think about cleaning metal?

Metal has a reputation for being difficult to clean.


What salad dressing ingredient may be used to clean copper-bottomed pans?

Vinegar may be used to clean copper-bottomed pans.


To clean copper-bottomed pans, what do you use with the vinegar?

After wetting the copper surface with vinegar, sprinkle some salt on the surface and scrub to remove the tarnish.


If the first application of vinegar and salt does not remove the tarnish, what should you do?

This cleaning method may take more than one try.


What fruit may be used to clean copper and brass items?

A lemon may be used to clean copper and brass items.


To clean copper and brass items, what do you use with the lemon?

Sprinkle salt on the cut side of a lemon, and scrub the copper and brass items.


What items may be made from copper and brass?

Many items may be constructed from copper and brass including faucets, kitchen utensil jars and grandma's old tea kettle.


When using lit candles, what may ruin the mood?

Dripping and sticking wax may ruin the mood.


How may you remove wax drips from your silver candlesticks?

Put the candlesticks in the freezer, and peel away the wax after freezing.


How may you remove stubborn wax?

If freezing wax does not easily peel off, cover your fingernail with a soft cloth and scrape the wax off. The soft cloth will protect the silver finish.


What is that ugly ring around your faucet?

The ugly white ring around the faucet may be calcium buildup.


What juice will remove the calcium buildup from bathroom surfaces?

Lemon juice may remove the calcium buildup.


What other fruit product may be used to remove water stains caused by calcium?

After juicing a lemon for lemonade, use what is left of the lemon to rub on water-stained surfaces.


What bathroom product may sparkle your silver?

Use toothpaste to polish the silver.


To polish silver, what type of toothpaste should you use?

Use regular white toothpaste to polish the silver.


When do most people use their silver place settings?

Most people save the silver to use for special occasions.


What are copper pots known for?

Copper is recognized for its superior heat conductivity.


How does the cost of copper compare to other metals?

Copper is much more expensive.


What may be every green-cleaner's best friend?

Lemons are used for many cleaning jobs, and they are a natural product.


What kind of mood may lit candles evoke?

Create a dreamy mood by lighting some candles.


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