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Get that body moving with this fast-paced metabolism quiz. Or just loaf around and make it a slow-paced metabolism quiz. Either way, you'll probably learn something about that pesky little process that burns calories.

Let's start with the basics: What exactly is your metabolism?

Everything with calories is converted into energy by the metabolic process.


Calories are combined with what in the process of metabolism?

In the biochemical process, calories and oxygen combine to release energy.


What does your body need energy for?

It's not like you just need energy to run around and play tag.


So what does NOT require energy?

That's right, your metabolism is required for the teeny tiniest life functions.


What's a basal metabolic rate?

The basal metabolic rate determines how much energy you need to simply carry on basic functioning.


What are some things that influence your basal metabolic rate?

There is no KNOWN correlation between shoe size and metabolism.


Why would your age influence metabolic rate?

More fat accounts for slower calorie burn.


Who generally burns more calories?

Men generally have more muscle, leading to more calories needed.


So how much of your daily calorie burn goes to your basal metabolism?

Just to keep breathing and functioning, you're burning 70 percent of your calories.


What is thermogenesis?

I guess only one of those was likely in a metabolism quiz, but you never know.


How many calories are required for thermogenesis?

Mayo Clinic estimates roughly 100-800 calories a day for thermogenesis.


Does the amount of calories your body burn in thermogenesis fluctuate?

In general, calories burned in thermogenesis stay fairly constant.


What else is going to help you burn calories?

Probably already guessed that, yes, physical activity is going to make you burn calories.


Weight gain is often due to a slow metabolism.

Don't blame your body -- it's rare for your metabolism to cause weight gain.


However, what is one disease that may cause the metabolism to slow?

Hypothyroidism will cause weight gain when the metabolism slows.


Hypothyroidism is caused by:

Deficient thyroid hormones will cause hypothyroidism.


If you're looking to lose weight, try:

Try both for more weight loss boosting.


Why would strength training "boost" your metabolism?

By converting fat to muscle, you will burn more calories.


Other than adding muscle, how can you boost your metabolism?

Sorry, there's no magic bullet to "speeding up" your metabolism.


What is one thing that could slow your metabolism?

After dieting and calorie restriction, the metabolism does slow.


Your metabolism slows for how long after a diet?

A 2016 study showed that metabolisms stayed slow -- or even became slower -- for years.


Green tea will definitely boost your metabolism.

Although there are some studies that show a metabolism increase with green tea consumption, there's nothing extremely definitive.


What happens to a pregnant person's metabolism?

The basal metabolic rate will increase as the baby grows.


What is NOT a type of fat in the body?

Don't get too hung up on the color.


Which fat burns energy and produces heat?

Brown fat contains tons of mitochondria and burns energy.


So what does brown fat have to do with metabolism?

Which makes researchers think it might have a correlation to metabolism.


What variable has shown to increase brown fat?

Cooler temperatures can apparently "turn on" brown fat production.


What biological function has been shown to influence metabolism?

Sleep disturbances can influence metabolic function.


When does your metabolism start slowing down?

So shortly after you start legally drinking, it's probably time to prioritize exercise.


Spicy foods have been shown to cause a spike in your metabolism. Why aren't we jumping for joy and eating tons of peppers?

Remember that a little metabolic spike isn't going to create huge weight losses.


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