Quiz: The Ultimate Mesa Verde National Park Quiz
The Ultimate Mesa Verde National Park Quiz
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Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado encompasses about 4,000 prehistoric sites of the Anasazi people. The area is also famed for its splendid natural landscape and other archeological treasures. Find out more about Mesa Verde by taking this quiz.

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Which people once inhabited the Mesa Verde National Park area?
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What is the meaning of the Navajo name "Anasazi"?
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What animals can you see in the high meadows?
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From studying the structure and state of the ruins, what do we know about the ancient inhabitants?
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One novelist is reported to have experienced the Anasazi ruins as "more like sculpture than anything else." Who was the novelist?
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Which of these lends itself to a self-guided tour?
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What did the Anasazi people harvest from the Gambel oak trees?
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For how long has Mesa Verde been inhabited?
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What did the early inhabitants of Mesa Verde engage in?
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By the eighth century A.D., the inhabitants were building houses with poles and mud. What were their "apartment buildings" called?
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What were the kivas (underground chambers) used for?
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What was the average lifespan of the cave dweller of Mesa Verde?
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