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Every home has some kind of unused space that can be utilized for storage. It just takes some ingenuity, planning and time to gain valuable storage area. Take this quiz to see how it's done.

What is needed to utilize unused space for storage?

It takes ingenuity, planning and time to gain valuable storage area.


How can a staircase help you with storage planning?

There is usually room under a staircase that can provide valuable storage space.


What ready-made item can be installed almost anywhere for storage?

A shelf can usually be easily installed, almost anywhere, to provide instant storage space


Does a wide hallway offer any inspiration?

You can install shelves or a shallow cabinet in a hallway.


What can you do with a little-used corner where you can't put shelves or a cabinet?

You could store items like sporting goods or camping equipment behind a decorative screen.


Moving on to the bathroom, what would you do with towels, tissues, bath toys and other items that don't fit in the bathroom cabinets?

You could hang a basket on the wall to store these and other incidentals.


Any ideas how to better use the shower curtain rod?

Add extra hooks to hang washcloths and net bags for bath toys.


Where is an ideal, out-of-the-way place for towels and bathrobes?

Over-the-door towel racks or hooks on the back of the door help put the door to good use.


How can you add storage space to your bedroom without cluttering floor space?

One way is to build a headboard storage unit. You can store extra bedding inside and place books, a lamp or a radio on top.


There is another, sometimes overlooked, place. What is it?

Under the bed usually provides extra storage place.


If you have the floor space but don't want a chest of drawers or shelves, how can you gain storage space?

An ottoman will serve as a storage area and a seat.


What can you do about a cramped kitchen?

You can remodel or rearrange the kitchen to make it more efficient.


Ideally, what should be the distances between work areas?

The recommended distance is 4 to 9 feet (1.2 to 2.7m). Less means a cramped work area while more means extra time and effort moving from area to area.


Where should you store cutlery and crockery?

If possible the should be stored near the dishwasher in order to empty it quickly and easily.


Many people have a microwave on the counter top, is this good usage of counter space?

To free counter space, a microwave will be happy to sit on a shelf above the counter.


How can you efficiently store tapered glassware?

Placing every other glass upside down will free up some space.


What can you do with sharp knives to keep them out of reach of children, yet readily accessible?

Hang them on the side of, or inside a high cabinet. This will also save drawer space.


How can you store often-used wooden spoons and utensils if you have no drawer space, but still need them at hand?

One way is to arrange them in a nice-looking pitcher or canister.


What is an efficient way to deal with distribution of family laundry?

If you have a basket for each family member, into which that person's laundry is placed when removed from the dryer, it will help a lot.


How would you deal with items needing to be mended or discarded?

Have two plastic or paper bags on hand in which to store the items until you have time to deal with them.


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