Matt Delgado: The Man, The Legend, The Quiz

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Matt Delgado joined our team as its captain at a moment when we were full of ideas, creativity and youthful enthusiasm. With his guidance, we were able to mature into a group with more focus and purpose while never losing sight of that all-important spirit and imagination. In fact, our vision of what was possible only grew under Matt's leadership. We're grateful for the opportunity we had to learn from him and for getting to know such a cool guy. Thanks, Matt!

What is Delgado's go-to travel hack?

If you have time to wait at the gate, you got there too early.


What would Delgado's dream team-building exercise be?

The more activities, the more team-building.


What is Matt Delgado's power outfit?

Super hero cape? Psssht. The real power comes from a scarf bringing the sartorial game to the next level.


True or False: Delgado once got Delgado-ed.

What a treat to be able to pull together an "emergency" meeting under the guise of going over crashing CPMs (complete with fake Tableau reports) only to have it be a setup to totally surprise Matt with a holiday gift from the team.


What is Matt's milk of choice for his coffee order at Cesura?

Oat milk in coffee? Is Delgado hacking breakfast by putting the oats and the coffee together in one cup?


What is Matt's only weakness?

Come on, can we honestly say this makes him special? Who DOESN'T this apply to?


Where's the ONLY place in the US to get good red wines, according to Matt Delgado?

Let's share a bottle of Pinot Noir, friend!


Matt could go semi-pro in what arcade game?

Move over kids, this is a game for grown men.


What's the true nickname of former NBA great Robert Horry? NOTE: if you get this wrong, Delgado will immediately think less of you for the rest of time.

If memory serves, "all of the above" might have been the only correct answer for this one.


If there was a movie about the preferred length of a quiz, which of these would be the best option?

How about "The Big Short?!"


What's Delgado's opinion of the Rose Cafe?

Shout out to the Tomahawk ribeye!


If you get Matt Delgado to sing karaoke he will bring down the house with what song?

Seriously. Best song of the night.


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