Quiz: Match the Greek Mythological Figure to Their Tragic Fate
Match the Greek Mythological Figure to Their Tragic Fate
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Greek Mythology is undoubtedly one of the greatest treasure troves of stories that the world mines to tell and retell, to present and re-present, time and time again. They're not called "classics" for nothing, after all. 

Are you familiar with these myths? You should be, because many of these great stories have been rehashed, repackaged and retold through different perspectives through centuries. Whether you notice it or not, many of our modern books, movies and TV shows echo the basic character templates of the Greek Myths. Whether they are heroes or villains, gods or mortals, many of these stories have great characterizations remade into modern times and given a modern twist. And some of these great stories and characters can be found in this quiz. Can you try guessing what happened to them or what their story was all about?

It's also great to see how creative these stories are, to present us with story arcs, cautionary tales and plot patterns that are still useful today in a modern context. A great writer can get some of these tales, arcs and patterns and sell it to us today in their newer packages. And most of the sellable ones are the tragic stories, featuring tragic heroes. 

So, do you think you can identify these tragic characters or their tragic situations? Take a peek and see!

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He blinded himself when he learned that he killed his own father and married his own mother. Who is he?
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It's his heel that did him in. Who is he?
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The only way to stop her is to behead her. Who is she?
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He may have been torn apart and killed, but his head kept on singing! Who is he?
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She lost her own voice and was cursed to repeat others' voices instead. Who is she?
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He proves that flying too close to the sun spells death. Who is he?
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She hanged herself because a king imprisoned her for disobeying a mourning law. Who is she?
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She died due to a snakebite. Who is she?
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He died falling in love with his own reflection. Who is this figure?
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He was cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down, so he had to do it again, over and over, for eternity. Who is he?
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This poor Titan was chained up to have an eagle pick on his liver, which later grew back, and then only to have the eagle return the next day to eat it again, ad nauseam. Who is this?
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He was sent to the lowest depths of the Underworld to suffer eternal deprivation or nourishment. Who is he?
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He literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Who is he?
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This goddess daughter was abducted against her will and forced to spend a quarter of every year with her abductor. Who is she?
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This demigod was killed by Zeus directly because he could heal back dead people to life! Who is he?
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This woman was so scorned by divorce that she killed her own children to make her ex-hubby feel pain! Who is she?
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This multi-headed serpent creature was killed by Heracles in his Twelve Labors task. What is this monster?
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She was cursed into telling truths no one would believe. Who is she?
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This naiad earned the wrath of Persephone and was turned into an herb. Who is she?
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She was turned into a cow by Zeus, who was wooing her, but Hera still discovered the deed, and the goddess had a gadfly torment her. Who is she?
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He was tied to a flaming wheel for seducing Hera. Who is he?
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He was a hunter who was turned into a stag and hunted down by his own pack. Who is this?
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This hybrid animal was killed by Bellerophone while he was riding Pegasus. What is this creature?
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This Trojan War hero didn't die in battle but in the bath, when he was murdered by his own wife. Who is he?
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This part-bull, part-man creature was killed by Theseus. What is this creature?
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He challenged a god to a musical contest, so of course he ended up being punished by getting flayed. Who is he?
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She’s the irked mother who killed her husband, but she was killed by her own son later on. Who is she?
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When he wished to have everything he touched be turned into gold, he suffered because even his food turned to inedible gold! Who is he?
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When you boast to a goddess that you’re a better mother because you bore more children than her, she ends up killing all of your children! Who is this unfortunate arrogant mother?
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She was one of the women Zeus abducted and raped, luring her by turning himself into a bull. Who is she?
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He fell off of Pegasus in an attempt to ride and reach Mount Olympus, resulting in his blindness and disability. Who is he?
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He ended up getting chained to a chair in the Underworld for helping Theseus in abducting back Persephone from Hades. Who is he?
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Because she cavorted with Zeus, Hera killed her children, and she in turn became a child killer herself. Who is she?
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When she challenged Athena to a weaving contest, she ended up getting transformed into a spider. Who is she?
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The daughters of this man were condemned to try and fill a huge vessel with holes, because they killed their husbands upon his command. Who is this man?
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