Quiz: Match the Fact to the U.S. State
Match the Fact to the U.S. State
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Matteo Colombo/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The United States of America has such a rich history, a resilient present, and a bright future! When was the last time you took stock in some state facts? Well, now is your chance! This quiz reveals awesome truths about America's territories. How many questions can you figure out?

Do you know all of your state capitals? Are your years of statehood in order? Can you immediately match a state flag to its corresponding state? We cover these topics and so much more in this U.S. geography test. And what state-facts test would be right without mentioning the major wars that helped to form America's boundaries and solidify its politics? We review a few Civil War battles. In what part of the country would those most likely have occurred? As you shall soon see, some states were more internally harmonious than others during such a turbulent time. 

Landscapes, landmarks, tourist locales, state schools and state policies are all fair game in this mental workout. Look for cool hints in a few questions here and there, but you probably won't need much help mastering our quiz designed especially for you. Shall we begin? Scroll on!

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