Quiz: Can You Match the Capital City to the Correct US State?
Can You Match the Capital City to the Correct US State?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Janet Kopper/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

We learn the states and their capitals in school. However, over time they fade, and we're left with distant memories. Most of us can only name the capitals of the most famous states, the capital of our home state, and maybe a few surrounding states. How many times have you thought Portland was the capital of Oregon? It's not!

It's time to brush up on your state capitals. Not every state's largest city is its capital. Many states do not even have their most populous city or the most well-known city as the state capital. Otherwise, New York City would be the capital of New York and Los Angeles would be the capital of California.

While the capital city may not seem like the most interesting city in a state, each one has its own unique character. Even the smallest capital in the union, Montpelier, has a thriving downtown and holds historical tours to educate visitors about the city's historical importance.

After this quiz, you may have a few ideas for a huge cross-country road trip, but first, you must take the quiz. Will you be able to get 100 percent of these capitals correct or will you make your social studies teach want to cry? Test yourself to prove you still have it!

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What state is Trenton the capital of?
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In what state would you find Springfield?
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Where would you be if you vacationed in Honolulu?
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What state calls Augusta its capital?
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In which state would you find Carson City?
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Which state is Columbus the capital of?
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The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis is in which state?
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Which state's legislature meets in Austin?
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Which state founded by William Penn has a capital named Harrisburg?
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Which cheese producing state has Madison as a capital city?
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What state would you be in if you visited Montpelier?
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Salt Lake City shares its name with the largest lake in which state?
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Which state is home to oranges and Tallahassee?
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Which small state has a capital named Providence?
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Despite having a capital named Salem, witch hunts did not take place here. Can you name the state?
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Which hilly state calls Charleston the capital?
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Which state calls the country music capital of Nashville its own?
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Which western state, often confused with the U.S. capital, calls Olympia its own?
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Which Midwestern state calls Pierre its capital?
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Boston is this New England state's capital and most populous city.
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Frankfort is the capital of which southern state?
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Santa Fe is the capital of which Mexico-bordering states?
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Which mitten-shaped state calls Lansing its capital?
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Between this state's mountains and beach you will find Raleigh; which state are we talking about?
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Which state is known for ranches and its capital of Helena?
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In which state would you find Mardi Gras and Baton Rouge?
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If you want to visit the Show Me State, you may visit Jefferson City in which state?
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Which state has no borders with another U.S. state and calls its capital Juneau?
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Which southern state has Jackson as its capital?
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Which state nicknamed the Granite State is home to Concord?
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Where would you be if you were in Boise?
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Sacramento is located in which large state?
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Which small state has Dover as a capital?
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Lincoln is the capital of which Cornhusker state?
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Denver is the capital city of which state that recently legalized marijuana?
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