Quiz: How Many of These Trucker Slang Words Do You Know?
How Many of These Trucker Slang Words Do You Know?
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Roger that, 10-4.

You may be surprised by all the trucker slang you already know, like that phrase above, which means, "Yes, message received."

To keep in touch with each other and to alert others of road hazards (and the police), truckers use Citizens Band (CB) radio. CB radio was invented by Al Goss in 1945. Back then, it was mainly used by laborers like carpenters and plumbers, or by small businesses. Then in 1960, it became more affordable for anyone to own. CB radio use rose in popularity in the 1960s with close to 500,000 licensed CB users by 1963. Then it skyrocketed into wide use in the 1970s.

What really sparked a huge surge in CB radio use was during the 1973 energy crisis. To help with gas conservation, the U.S. federal government had implemented a 55 mph speed limit on the nation's highways. With CB radios, truckers could give each other a heads up about gas stations and if there were any smokey bears (police) prowling around as they had to still make their destinations on time.

Beyond alerting fellow truckers, CB radios were a way to be less lonely on the road and to pass the time on what can be some monotonous driving on the interstate. 

And even though we're now in the age smartphones and using apps like Waze and Trucker Tools to alert other drivers about accidents and cops, many truckers still use CB radios.

So let's stand on it and get this quiz going. Have fun and all the good numbers!

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