Quiz: Malkovich! The Being John Malkovich Quiz
Malkovich! The Being John Malkovich Quiz
By: Isadora Teich

About This Quiz

"Being John Malkovich" is a surreal comedy-drama film that had everyone saying "Malkovich!" Get inside the mind of the one and only John Malkovich with this HowStuffWorks quiz.

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Where does "Being John Malkovich" take place?
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Craig Schwartz is a frustrated:
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Which actor other than John Malkovich plays themselves in "Being John Malkovich"?
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Which famous actor was not recognized by the crew on set?
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Who directed "Being John Malkovich"?
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The public doesn't react well to Craig's puppets because they are:
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Who plays the role of Craig Schwartz in the film?
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What job is Craig Schwartz hired to do at LesterCorp?
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What is so odd about Floor 7 1/2, where Craig works?
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Which famously beautiful actress dressed way down for a role in this film?
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After people enter the portal to John Malkovich's mind, where does it eject them?
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Both Craig and Lotte Schwartz become obsessed with:
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Who finds the door to John Malkovich's consciousness?
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How was the film received by critics?
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After John Malkovich, who is the next host of the portal?
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Which actor starred in both "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Being John Malkovich"?
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What does Craig do right after discovering the portal?
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How much do Maxine and Craig charge people to use the portal?
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What is the true use of the portal?
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What does Lotte Schwartz discover when she uses the portal?
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While occupying John Malkovich, Craig does what?
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Who is Maxine with romantically at the end of the film?
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Who is trapped in the portal permanently at the end of the film?
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Who wrote the film's screenplay?
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How does Craig try to convince Maxine to go on a date with him?
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Who was in John Malkovich's head when he caused Maxine to conceive?
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Where was most of 'Being John Malkovich' filmed?
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What does John Malkovich do when he finds out about the portal?
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"Being John Malkovich" was director Spike Jonze's:
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What was John Malkovich's initial opinion on the film's script?
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What is John Malkovich rehearsing for in the film?
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How long can people stay in John Malkovich's mind in the beginning of the film?
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The singer of which famous band produced "Being John Malkovich."
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How many stars did critic Roger Ebert give the film?
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