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Is it bad to share makeup? Take this quiz to see if swapping cosmetics and other makeup mishaps can end in a skin care disaster.

You should not share makeup, makeup applicators and other shareable makeup products.

Dermatologists warn against sharing any kind of makeup as diseases such as pink eye, herpes and dermatitis can be transferred this way.


What should you never do to your makeup?

Water can spur germ growth and weaken the perservatives in the makeup meant to protect you from any unwanted bacteria that can get onto your skin.


A good idea for using sampler products at the mall is:

If you must use a tester at the mall, ask about their cleaning regimen and be sure to ask for disposable applicators only.


Anything above X degrees becomes dangerous makeup storage.

According to the FDA, makeup products above 85 degrees become unsafe to use as they are being stored improperly.


What are some of the symptons of pink eye?

Pink eye, which is also called conjunctivitis, can be transferred through eye makeup such as eye liner and mascara and can cause red, itchy eyes and other irritation.


When you're infected with pink eye, you cannot wear:

When infected with pink eye, which can be transferred through certain types of eye makeup, you're unable to wear anything directly on your eye -- such as a contact lense.


Cold sores are also a form of the virus:

The common cold sore can also be a form of oral herpes, which is very contagious and can be transferred thorugh shared lip products such as lipstick.


You should:

The U.S. FDA reccommends switching out your eye makeup once every 3 months for safe keeping and never using makeup beyond its expiration date.


Other products, such as powder-based products can last how long if stored properly?

Powder based products, when stored away from water in the appropriate temperature are safe to use for up to two years.


The most important way to avoid makeup-related infection is:

The number one way to stay out of reach of infection is to avoid sharing makeup with anyone else.


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