Make Some Life Choices and We'll Guess Your Psychological Age

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Is age truly just a number? All of us are the age that it says on our birth certificate, but many of us are another age entirely when it comes to the way we think. All of us know someone who is 23 years old and is focused on family, buying a home, making money and saving for retirement. Most of us also know someone who might be 53 years old and acting like they don't have a care in the world; their only focus seems to be on having a good time. What's the difference? Their psychological age.

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that your life choices have on your life? Even more importantly, have you ever wondered why you make the choices that you do? We've put together a quiz that features questions about all sorts of different choices that you might have to face during your life and how you might handle them. What your habits are around work, family, money, travel, relationships and friendships all have a lot to do with your psychological age.

Are you wise beyond your years, or are you still a kid at heart? Take this quiz and we'll guess your psychological age.

You just won $10,000! What will you do with it?

You're late for an important meeting. Will you go over the speed limit?

Your boss just yelled at you in front of a lot of people for something that wasn't your fault. What do you do?

After all your bills are paid each month, you have $300 dollars left. What do you do with it?

You're bored with life and you need a vacation. Where do you go?

It's almost Christmas. What do you get for your significant other?

It's time for a cross-country road trip. How would you travel?

If you found a wallet filled with money and no identification, what would you do with it?

Your best friend needs a ride to the airport at 3 a.m. What do you tell him?

Money is tight but you want a vacation. Would you go anyway?

If your friend talked bad about you behind your back, would you do the same to them?

A Corvette just drove by you, going 90 miles an hour on the highway. What do you do?

You just saw someone trip and fall on the ice. What will you do?

A friend just got a phone that is better than yours. How do you respond?

Your date was just rude to the waitstaff. How do you handle it?

There is a job you really want that requires paid training. What will you do?

You've got two kids already. Do you want more?

Your significant other tells you that you've been spending too much time on social media lately. How do you respond?

There is a big meeting at work in the morning, but you want to stay up and finish a movie you're into. How do you handle it?

If your car broke down a mile away from work, how would you get to work?

If someone asked you on a date, what would be your main reason for saying yes?

If you were dumped by someone you love, how would you get over it?

You're nervous about a job interview. How do you choose to handle anxiety?

Where do you buy the majority of your food?

Lately, your long-term relationship has been boring. What do you do?

Your co-worker has seven adorable kittens that need homes - would you sacrifice some free time to adopt one of these kitties?

You hate your job, but it pays you a lot of money. What do you do?

Lately you feel left out of your group of friends. How do you react?

You're tired, but you signed up for a workout class. What will you do when your alarm goes off?

It's time to buy a new car. What do you get?

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