Make an Olive Garden Order and We'll Tell You Which State You Should Move To

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Whether it's because of the breadsticks, the Zuppa Toscana soup, or the oversized portions, people all across the country and the world have heard and experienced the wonders of this popular Italian-themed restaurant chain.

The first Olive Garden was opened on December 13th, 1982 in Orlando as a unit of General Mills Inc. Less than ten years later, there were more than 150 around the country, and it was the fastest growing units in the company's restaurant division. As of May 2018, the chain has almost 900 locations around the world.

In their ads, they use phrases like "bottomless, "never-ending" and  "unlimited." which is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. Apart from having almost every type of pasta dish every created available, customers also have the option to create their own. They also have a wide array of wine and classic Italian dishes.

Have you ever wondered which of the 50 states was meant for you? Well, if you make an order at Olive Garden and tell us everything that you are planning to have, from how many breadsticks, to your entree of choice, to what you will be taking home as leftovers, we will tell you which of the 50 states it is!

Which of these occasions would you go there for?

What time is the best time to go there?

Who do you usually go with?

Which of these complimentary drinks will you order while you wait?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want those breadsticks?

How many breadsticks can you eat?

You know that breadsticks are tasty, will you be asking for more?

What kind of soup would you get?

Which of these salads do you get when you go there?

Which of these appetizers will you be ordering?

Which of these wines will you be pairing your food with?

The first appetizer didn’t make a dent in your appetite, which of these other ones will you add to the bill?

Which of these entrees are you hoping that your friend orders so that you can take from?

Which of these pasta dishes sounds delicious?

Your pasta dish was really cold when you got it, so they decided to give you a something else; which of these beef options will it be?

How much cheese do you like in your food?

What kind of cheese will you be asking for?

Which of these seafood options have you been wanting to try?

Which of these seasonal favorites have you been waiting all year to try?

They’ve recently added these items to their menu, which would you like to try?

Which of these drinks will you be washing everything down with?

Which of these gluten-sensitive options would you try?

You’ve been eying the kids' menu from the time that you got into the restaurant, what would you order from it?

When creating your own pasta bowl, what kind of pasta would you want?

What kind of sauce would you add to your pasta bowl?

Do you prefer tap water or sparkling water?

After that long meal, you’ll need a pick me up; which one these caffeinated drinks will you get?

Which of these desserts sounds too good to be true?

Which of these desserts would you take home with you?

Which of these alcoholic beverages will you be trying?

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