Quiz: Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Tell You Your Stripper Name!
Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Tell You Your Stripper Name!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Let's face it! Choosing a stripper name that best represents you is not as easy as pulling up a name generator. When you're on the pole, you need a name that gets the crowd on their feet before your heels hit the dance floor. Through rigorous study, we've determined that the one, true way to get a great stripper name is to base it upon an '80s playlist! It will give us a good idea if you "crack that whip" like Devo or if you're more of a "Material Girl" like Madonna. 

Why an '80s playlist? If you think about it, the '80s gave us more danceable numbers than most any other decade! The '80s also pushed the boundaries with more nudity, more edginess, and a lot of emphasis on individuality than any decade that came before it, and left a lasting impression on generations to come. By sharing your '80s favorites with us and adding them to a playlist, we'll be able to get insight into your stripper personality. Then, we'll be able to give you a name that knocks your socks, or your knickers, off! 

There's no need to be modest as you build your '80s playlist. We're not talking about your burlesque name. Give us all the aural nitty gritty you love, and we'll let you know if you are a Ruby or something else! 

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