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The 1980s may have produced some extremely questionable fashion choices, but if nothing else, it was a decade of some pretty memorable music. Was all of it awesome? Of course not, but what decade produced nothing but great music? There's an incredible mix of loud and crazy metal, peppy, upbeat pop songs, catchy dance hits, soulful R&B and maybe even a few rock anthems that have endured. You can tell it was a decade of memorable music because we're still discussing it decades later. 

These are the songs that defined a generation of people. They shaped thoughts and opinions that provided a soundtrack for major events both on a world scale and a personal one. It's important and influential music. It's so important and so influential that we can probably glean some important details about your life from nothing more than your taste in '80s music. And not just obvious stuff like which member of the Jackson 5 you liked the most. Much more in-depth information like, for instance, what you do for a living in the here and now in this decade. Not sure such a thing is possible? Open up your '80s music heart to us and take the quiz, you'll see what we mean!

If you need to start the day on the right foot, what band is going to be first on the playlist?

Few musicians made an impact like David Bowie. What's his best '80s hit?

If you were hitting up the dance floor, what '80s tune was getting your feet moving?

They didn't call Michael Jackson the "King of Pop" for nothing. What was his best '80s song?

If Michael Jackson was the King of Pop then Madonna was likely the Queen. Pick your favorite Madonna tune.

If you like things with a bit more oomph there's always Guns n Roses. What was their best song?

Prince really made his mark in the '80s. Did you have a favorite Prince track?

They call him "The Boss." What's the best Bruce Springsteen tune?

The '80s didn't start the British Invasion but the Brits still held their own. What was the best British act in the '80s?

Modern hip-hop owes a lot to the bands that took off in the '80s. Who was the best one?

Boy bands may have dominated the '90s and 2000s but there were some solid girl bands in the '80s. Pick your favorite!

It's Bon Jovi time! Pick your favorite track.

If you have to queue up a Def Leppard song, what would it most likely be?

It's hard to deny Lionel Richie's popularity back in the day. Which of his songs is best?

Teen pop stars had a good decade in the '80s, but who was the best of the bunch?

John Hughes directed "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" and a ton of other iconic '80s movies. Which song from his films is your favorite?

Cyndi Lauper kept it fun for that whole decade. Which of her songs is worth another listen?

If you were going to pick a single Elton John song from the '80s to listen to, what would it be?

If you're throwing an '80s party, which of these tracks must be played no matter what?

Some of the best tunes from the '80s were one-hit wonders. Pick your favorite.

If you had to pick but one hair band to be the greatest of all '80s hair bands, who would it be?

Some songs got a little sexy in the '80s. Which one was the steamiest?

Love is a rocky road to travel some days. What '80s tune was the best breakup song?

Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics were pretty awesome. What was your favorite song?

No matter the decade, some bands just won't get the fame they deserve. Which '80s band was super underrated?

You can't have an '80s playlist without The Clash. Pick one of their best!

Madonna stands out as one of the most powerful female voices of the '80s but she was far from alone. What other woman rocked the mic?

Like it or not, New Kids on the Block paved the way for years and years worth of modern boy bands. What was their greatest hit?

What musical genre do you think really made its mark in the '80s?

This has mostly been focused on what you want to hear. What '80s song will never, ever get onto your playlist?

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