Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Guess Which Horse Breed Is Your Spirit Animal

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Every decade has its memorable music.  Who could forget David Bowie's "Life on Mars" in the '70s or Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in the '90s?  Will any of us ever stop listening to Psy's 2012 opus "Gangnam Style?"  Of course not.  History is littered with great music, but there's just something amazing about the '80s, isn't there?  That decade really helped shaped the musical landscape in ways that no other time has.  It saw the rise of MTV and the music video, and really created visual rock stars people came to know and love.  Musical acts of the 1980s were larger than life.  Certainly larger than regular folk.  They were horse large!

If you're not seeing the connection between '80s music and horses, you're probably just not looking hard enough. For instance, have you ever seen any competitions with horses, whether it's racing or even equestrian events at the Olympics? That rhythmic thumping of hooves is the perfect backbeat for any '80s song!  And your tastes in '80s music will help us determine which horse breed is your spirit animal.  Horses and music are both full of personality and that's just science.  It shouldn't come as a surprise that the two have a ton in common.  Answer these questions about your favorite '80s tunes and you'll see what we mean.

The '80s made Madonna a superstar. Which one of her songs do you think is best?

Which of these '80s hits would you still listen to today?

Hair bands were huge in the '80s. Which one of these hits was your favorite?

The '80s was when rap and hip-hop really started coming into their own. Which of these '80s hits is your favorite?

You could sing about anything in the '80s. Which of these songs about money was the best?

Picking a band name is never easy. Which one of these alphabet-inspired musicians was the best?

Not every band name was a winner. Which of these '80s bands picked the worst name?

If there's one thing '80s musicians wanted to do, it was dance. Which of these songs about dancing was the best?

If you need an inspirational song, you go to the '80s. Which song gives you the biggest rush?

Sometimes music is by the numbers. Which numerical '80s song is best?

Celebrate Father's Day with '80s music! Which one of these paternal songs is best?

What's more flattering than someone singing a song about you? Which '80s song named for a person is best?

Do you want to know how to prove the '80s rocked? They kept saying it. Which song with "rock" in the title was best?

A lot of musicians in the '80s had issues with love. Which song about love that wasn't quite right did you like best?

If nothing else, the '80s were a colorful decade for music. Which colorful song was the best?

You can't listen to music all day, sometimes you have to work. What song about work was best?

The '80s were an inquisitive time because so many songs were questions. Which question did you want to answer most?

There was a lot of Girl Power in the '80s. Which song about a girl was your favorite?

The '80s were so active there are even a bunch of songs about running. Which one gets you moving?

The '80s spent a lot of time teaching us how to walk. Which walking song was best?

Would it have been a dream to be an '80s musician? They sure sang about dreams a lot. Pick the best dream tune.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Which '80s tune about eyes saw its way onto your playlist?

If you wanted to have a fight, the '80s was your soundtrack. What song about fighting gets you fired up?

The music of the '80s could get pretty beastly. Which of these catty tunes was best?

In the dog days of the '80s, you could always enjoy a dog-themed song. Pick the best.

There are an odd number of monkey-inspired songs from the '80s. Pick your favorite.

If you want to go for a drive and listen to '80s music, why not listen to a song about cars? Pick one!

A musician can fit the word "baby" into any song. Pick the best baby tune from the '80s.

The '80s had a lot of holding going on. Which song holds strong even today?

They called Michael Jackson the King of Pop. Which of his '80s songs was the best?

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