Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Guess What Dog Breed You Own

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About This Quiz

Your taste in music says a lot about the kind of person you are. In fact, the songs and artists you choose for your '80s playlist will tell us what kind of dog breed you call your best friend. It might seem crazy, but your dog is such a big part of your life, it's impossible for them not to influence your musical tastes!

Whether you and your dog prefer to spin '80s tunes on your record player or you prefer to dance along to your computer speakers is entirely up to you. Throughout this quiz, we will ask you to place a number of '80s songs on your playlist in a random order. The choices you make will let us know which dog breed's traits are most influential to you. 

From A-Ha to the Talking Heads, the '80s was a generation that offered every music lover something to call their favorite. After you build a playlist that would get any party started, we'll take our best guess at the dog breed who bops along as you rock down to "Electric Avenue." 

Will we get it right, or will you have to send us to the doghouse? Put together the best '80s playlist in the world, and we'll reveal our dog breed thoughts about you! 

Which Guns 'n Roses song would you add to the middle of the list?

Which U2 song would make the playlist?

Which hair metal band goes on your playlist?

Which Bon Jovi song goes near the top of your list?

Which one-hit wonder makes your playlist?

Which Journey song would you put at the end of your list?

Which pop singer would get more than one song on your list?

Which Wham song gets a place on your playlist?

Which Duran Duran song would you add to change the mood?

Which '80s dance song would get the playlist moving?

Which Paula Abdul song would you put in the middle of the playlist?

Which Michael Jackson song kicks off your playlist?

What Prince song would make your playlist complete?

Which Whitesnake song would you consider adding?

Which Poison song would you want on your playlist?

Which of the Pet Shop Boys' songs would your dog want on the list?

Which '80s Depeche Mode song would you want on your playlist?

Would you add a song by the Bangles or the Go-Go's?

Which '80s Ozzy Osbourne song would you choose for your playlist?

Which Tom Petty song gets a spin?

Which AC/DC song would you add to pick up the tempo?

Which '80s country music singer might we find on your playlist?

Which Whitney Houston song makes the cut?

Which song by the Police would you add to sing along with?

Which of the Cars' songs goes toward the end?

Which Huey Lewis tune makes your playlist?

Which of Metallica's '80s songs might you consider adding?

Which David Bowie songs makes your list feel well-rounded?

Which Elton John song would you add?

Which Bruce Springsteen song would you add somewhere in the middle?

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