Make an ’80s Playlist and We'll Guess What % Prince You Are

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How many pop stars ruled our screens and played on our stereos in the '80s? Iconic videos like "Material Girl," "Beat It," and "Born in the USA" played in heavy rotation on MTV. Disco was done. New Wave came along to take its place with its electronic synthesizers and just made you want to dance. Hip-hop was emerging from the cities, and the break-dance craze was in full swing. The glam metal hair bands were a departure from harder metal. The '80s had something for everyone when it came to music. How many songs from the 80s became karaoke staples?

Someone who really made his mark during this time was the unforgettable Prince. Who doesn't remember the purple trench coat and high-heeled boots? His guitar on "Let's go Crazy" was electric, and you could dance to it. He had a style all his own. His mixture of rock and funk wasn't quite like anyone else. His album and movie, "Purple Rain" exploded in the '80s. He made so much music not just for himself but for other artists. Singers like Cyndi Lauper covered his songs.

Think about all the music from that time you listen to. Take our '80s playlist quiz, and find out how much of the The Purple One is in you!  Have fun finding out how much Prince is in you!

What was your first Prince album?

What '80s glam metal band would make your playlist?

Which Madonna song would make the cut?

How many Prince songs would you have on your playlist?

What '80s hip-hop song would you add?

What's your favorite Prince song?

Which song written by Prince sung by another artist would you add?

Where would you add Bruce Springsteen?

Which New Wave band would make your list?

Would you add The Go-Go's or Eurythmics?

Which Culture Club song makes the cut?

Would you add Adam and the Ants or INXS?

Which '80s pop singer do you prefer?

Which '80s British rock band makes your playlist?

Which "Thriller" song makes the cut?

Which of the '80s bands led by women do you prefer?

Which '80s Bon Jovi song do you know by heart?

What's your go-to karaoke song from the 80s?

Where would you put David Bowie on the list?

Which Hall and Oates song would go on your playlist?

What song that got heavy rotation on MTV would make your playlist?

Which Prince love song from the 80s is your favorite?

Which '80s band would show up multiple times on your list?

Which '80s band would not make it onto your playlist?

What '80s song are you ashamed to admit you like?

What song has Prince's raddest guitar solo?

What Genesis song would add to the list?

Which Billy Idol song would make the cut?

Which Foreigner album would have the most songs on your list?

Which Fleetwood Mac song would find a spot on your playlist?

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