Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Tell You Your Stripper Name!

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Imagine the Taco Bell order you really want. See it in your mind, and forget everyone's judgment about how much food you are about to devour. We are not going to tell anyone about your 7-Layer tray piled high with anything your heart desires from the Taco Bell menu. 

By the time you're done bulking up on everyone's favorite fast food, we'll have a pretty good idea what your stripper name should be. What on earth does your Taco Bell order have to do with the stripper name you've always wanted? Well, you are in for a world of fun finding out. 

The things you choose from the Taco Bell menu say a lot about you. Your love of extra sour cream could mean that you have a carefree personality. In the same fashion, sticking to the Power Menu might mean that you need a stage name that reflects your willpower and self-discipline. 

Let's take a run through the Taco Bell menu, alter a few items, and customize the order of your dreams. The way you choose your favorites will give us a good idea of the best stripper name for you. What will your love of cheese mean for the name you'll see in lights? Let's find out!

Which Taco Bell Breakfast item sounds good right now?

Which kind of Doritos taco shell do you like most?

What drink would you order with a Taco Bell breakfast?

Which Specialty Menu item would you add to your order?

How many Cheesy Roll Ups would you order?

Which Taco Bell dessert would you have?

Which Taco Bell Freeze do you like most?

Which Vegetarian Menu item looks the best?

Which side dish would your order?

Would you order extra sour cream?

Which sauce do you require?

Which Dollar Cravings menu item would your order more than one of?

Which soft drink would you wash your order down with?

How many extra napkins will you need?

Which Party Pack would you share at work?

Which Power Menu item would you try?

What do you prefer to dip your chips in?

Do you prefer Pintos and Cheese or Seasoned Rice?

Which Quesadilla filling do you like most?

Would you order more soft tacos or hard tacos?

Which Burrito could you eat more than one of?

Which ingredient in a 7-Layer Burrito do you like most?

Which item from Taco Bell's secret menu would you order?

Which combo box would you want on your tray?

Do you prefer the Mexican Pizza or the Fiesta Taco Salad?

Which of Taco Bell's newest items would you try?

Which type of Mountain Dew would you want?

What is your favorite part of a Power Menu Bowl?

How would you upgrade a Bean Burrito?

What time of day do you eat at Taco Bell most often?

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