Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Which Region of the United States You Belong In

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Wiki Commons via Corey Coyle

About This Quiz

Step right up to our virtual Taco Bell counter. For this visit, you won't need any cash - it's on us! The way you construct the order of your dreams will tell us many, many things about you. Luckily for you, all we want to learn this time is what region of the United States you are really meant to live in.

Have you ever felt like you might belong somewhere else, or have you daydreamed about moving across the country? By the time you finish choosing your favorite Taco Bell items and dressing them up with your preferred toppings, the region of the U.S. you should call home will be as clear as a Dasani to us.

We're not saying that your love of Fire Sauce means that you should live somewhere associated with spicy food like the South. Instead, we will look at the whole of your order before we make our determination. As we present you with options, your job is to choose the item or topping you think sounds tastiest at this very moment. Your unique combination of food with be the final decision maker. 

Are you ready to find out where you really belong? Or is moving nacho your biggest priority?

Would you try the Caramel Apple Freeze?

Which new item would you order?

Which item from the Dollar Cravings menu tastes the best?

Which item from the speciality menu would you order more than one of?

What do you prefer to dip your chips in?

Which breakfast menu item would start your day off right?

Which kind of Mountain Dew would you order?

Which dessert would you have most often?

Which item from the Quesadilla menu sounds best for dinner?

Which item from the secret menu would you like to try?

How many napkins will you need for your order?

What time of day are you placing this order?

Will you dine in or use the drive thru?

Which side would you have with a soft taco?

Which Party Pack would you share with a coworker?

Which item from the Vegetarian menu would you order?

What sounds best on the Power Menu?

What do you think of Taco Bell's coffee?

Do you prefer hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos?

Which item from the Taco menu would you have for lunch?

What is your favorite part of the Fiesta Taco Salad?

Which combo meal would you go for?

Which kind of Freeze would you like most?

Which burrito filling do you like most?

How many Cheesy Potato Grillers could you eat?

What ingredient in the Chipotle Chicken Loaded Griller would you double?

Which sauce would you like with your order?

Which add-on item would you put on a plain taco?

Do you prefer nacho cheese sauce or spicy jalapeño sauce?

How many Cinnabon Delights could you eat in one sitting?

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