Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What Power Ranger You Are

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Not a lot of people know this, but Taco Bell and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have a lot in common. The Power Rangers are heroic forces for good, and so is Taco Bell. The Power Rangers use their abilities to fight an ancient, persistent force of evil. Taco Bell uses its powers to fight an ancient, persistent hunger. The Power Rangers each have a powerful robot called a Zord that they can use to battle monsters. Taco Bell has several kinds of hot sauce packets. It's like one was clearly based on the other when you think about it.

Knowing as you do how similar Taco Bell and the Power Rangers are, it's obvious that we can probably use your Taco Bell favorites as a guide to help us figure out which of the Power Rangers you really are. It doesn't even take the powers of Zordon to figure it out, either. Just walk us through your menu choices, let us know what you think of soft tacos vs. crunchy tacos, or Mexican pizza vs. a Beefy Fritos Burrito.  Answer as honestly as you can and before you know it you'll be ready to take on Rita Repulsa and her army of curiously rubber-looking henchmen!

Just like the Power Rangers, Taco Bell keeps some secrets. What secret menu item sounds best?

Just because it's fast food doesn't mean it can't be healthy. What veggie do you need on your taco?

Is it even really a taco without hot sauce? What sauce packet brings the right heat for you?

There's more sauce than just what's in those little packets at Taco Bell. What specialty sauce goes on your order?

If you're out late fighting in your Zords, you may need to pick up breakfast on the way home. What's your order?

Cheese is one of the greatest foods ever made. What cheesy delight is your favorite?

The first thing you need to consider when you're ordering a taco is what protein goes in it. So what do you choose?

The tortilla choice can make or break a taco. What kind of tortilla do you need?

Taco Bell is nice enough to offer a whole bunch of extras to fill a taco. What do you need in yours?

You can get your burrito as is if you want, or you can add a little style to it. Which style is the one for you?

Sometimes you really need to indulge your sweet tooth and Taco Bell has your back. What sweet treat is all you?

Authentic tacos come in a lot more styles than you'll get at Taco Bell. Which kind of taco are they really missing out on?

Taco Bell is infamous for adding crazy items to the menu. Which of these would you dare to try?

Sometimes you need to get a burrito instead of a taco. Which burrito is the best of the best?

You don't want to get too parched when you're eating a taco. What should you get to drink?

Half of being a Power Ranger is having power. How many tacos could you power down in one sitting?

You can't underestimate how much location can affect a meal. Where do you want to eat your tacos?

If you need a serious meal, Taco Bell has some bigger items on the menu to satisfy your hunger. What do you want to try?

If you need to eat on the cheap, there's always the Dollar Cravings menu. Which cost-effective snack sounds best?

You can never go wrong with a side of nachos, but you need to dip them in something. What's your dip?

If you're a little hungrier than usual, you may as well order a side dish. What side will satisfy your hunger?

Not all of us are carnivores. What's the best item on the vegetarian menu?

You can get some pretty exotic tortilla shells for your taco sometimes. Which crazy taco shell is best?

Taco Bell definitely knows how to cross-promote with junk food. Which junk food mashup was the best one?

Sometimes a single tortilla just can't handle all that goodness so you need two. Which double-wrapped item is best?

If you want to have a group of friends over to enjoy some tacos, you may as well get a Party Pack. Which one is the best one for your party?

Do you know how delicious quesadillas are? Super delicious. What's the best filling for yours?

Potatoes don't seem super Mexican, but Taco Bell has a lot of potatoes on the menu. Which tater treat is best?

Beef isn't always king, you have a lot of chicken choices. Which one is clucking your song?

If you like things spicy, you're in luck. Which spicy item sounds good?

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