Make a Subway Order and We'll Give You an American State To Move To!

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Perry Gerenday/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Whether you've been considering a move or you've always wondered which state you really belong in, all you have to do is make a Subway order. Your $5 footlong will point you in just the right direction. Which direction will it be? You'll have to place your order to find out! 

As we pile on the toppings during this quiz, we'll examine your personal tastes in Subway sandwiches. We will ask you about your favorites from the menu, and we will need to know how you would customize your perfect order. From the drink you choose to the cookies you like most, each choice will lead us to the state that would be a perfect home for you. 

With 50 unique and different states to choose from, choosing your favorites will be essential to narrowing down your possibilities. Will your love of the tuna sub indicate that you should live near water? Does your love for Southwestern ranch mean you should head closer to the border? Try not to concern yourself with all the little details. That's our job! 

Simply choose the answer you think sounds the tastiest. When you're done, we'll let you know which state is perfect for you. Are you ready to eat healthy and find out?

Which Chopped Salad do you like most?

What is your favorite part of the Italian B.M.T.?

Which Signature Wrap are you most likely to order?

Which kind of bread would you get your sandwich on?

Which vegetable would you double on a sandwich?

What kind of cheese would you add to an Egg Flatbread?

What would you not add to a Turkey and Swiss sub?

Which sauce would you like on your sandwich?

Would you order a six-inch or a twelve-inch?

What would you order from the Fresh Fit menu?

Which kind of Subway chicken do you prefer?

What drink would you wash down your order with?

Which kind of chips would you add?

What kind of cookies would you have for dessert?

Which breakfast menu item would you order?

What would you try off the Featured Menu?

What would you order for a child?

What might you order for a party from the Catering Menu?

What would you have from the Footlong Faves Menu?

Which topping would you never add to a sandwich?

Would you add double meat?

What would you add to a pizza-style sandwich?

On which sandwich would you add pickles as a topping?

Would you prefer a fountain drink or a bottled drink?

Would you add tomatoes to a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Flatbread?

What kind of dressing would you put on a Chopped Salad?

Do you prefer regular lettuce or spinach on your sandwiches?

Would you add feta to a sandwich?

Do you like to have your bread toasted?

Would you pick up an extra sandwich for later?

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