Make a Pizza and We'll Reveal How High Maintenance You Are

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About This Quiz

How high maintenance are you? Let's step into an imaginary pizzeria and make a pizza! The way you put everything together and the choices you make will tell us exactly how fussy you can be. There's no wrong way to make a pizza, but some of us require more flair in our food than others. We'll be able to figure you out by the load of toppings on your pie! 

When you go out to eat, do you deconstruct every dish so much that you probably should have just made it at home? Or do you shovel down your order without questioning the ingredients or the way its made? There are direct correlations between levels of high maintenance and pickiness towards food. There's nothing wrong with being high maintenance and picky or being low maintenance and a little picky. We are simply interested in what your pizza building style says about you! 

During this quiz, we will analyze everything from your dough choices to the herbs you put in your sauce. After we feel comfortable knowing your pizza likes and dislikes, we will be able to compare your pizza style to your personality. Then, we'll see if you're high maintenance or if you simply don't care! 

Which kind of pizza dough do you like most?

Would you ever try a cheeseburger pizza?

What ingredient would you never put on a pizza?

What kind of olives would you put on your pizza?

How much sauce would you put on your pizza?

What kind of cheese do you prefer on a pizza?

How should your pizza be cooked?

Have you ever tried making pizza dough?

Which herb would dominate your sauce?

Would you add roasted garlic to a pizza?

Would you rather have a vegetarian pizza or a meat lover's pizza?

Which kind of peppers would you put on your pizza?

Do you like onions on your pizza?

Where are you most likely to place an order for a pizza?

Do you know how to make your own sauce?

Do you prefer New York or Chicago style pizza?

How often do you make pizza at home?

Would you ever try a buffalo chicken pizza?

Which side dish would you have with pizza?

Who is the first person you would invite to a pizza party?

What ingredient has no place in pizza sauce?

How often do you eat pizza?

Would you add sausage to your pizza?

Do you think pizza is an acceptable breakfast food?

Would you top a pizza with bacon?

How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting?

Do you like sun-dried tomatoes on your pizza?

Would you ever use Alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce?

What kind of oil would you use to line a pizza pan?

Which food do you like more than pizza?

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