Make a 90s Pop Playlist and We'll Tell You Your Stripper Name!

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About This Quiz

From Smashmouth to Britney Spears, the '90s left an impression on pop that still keeps dance floors hopping night after night. Once you've created and customized your very own '90s pop music playlist, we will make sure you get the stripper name your adoring fans will always remember. After all, you don't want to take the stage with the wrong name! 

As we build your '90s pop music playlist, we will ask you to choose songs from artists like Aqua, Savage Garden, and most anything else you heard played on the radio back in the day. Although you can now hear many of the '90s hits on classic radio, we're sure you can agree that the '90s still only feel like yesterday. Try and dig through the archives of your mind and put together the '90s pop playlist of your dreams. 

After you've designed your '90s playlist, we will compare your responses with a database of unique stripper names. Judging by the songs you have chosen and the ones you've passed up, we'll be able to find just the right one for you. You wouldn't want to be called Diamond if you are more like a Christina. Build your playlist and get the perfect name for your stage!

Which Spice Girls song would make your playlist?

Which Britney Spears songs would make the cut?

Where would you add Semisonic's "Closing Time?"

Which of The Backstreet Boys' songs would you add?

Would you add Aqua's "Barbie Girl?"

Which Smash Mouth song would you add?

Which Madonna song gets a spin?

Which Oasis song goes in the middle?

Which Green Day song makes the list?

Which No Doubt song gets a turn?

Which of TLC's songs is a must have?

Which Ace of Base song goes in the middle?

Which of The Cranberries' songs do you like most?

Which U2 song would you put on your list?

Which 'NSYNC song gets a turn on your playlist?

Which of Prince's '90s songs get a slot on your playlist?

Where would you put "Livin' La Vida Loca" on your playlist?

Which Destiny's Child song goes in this position on your playlist?

Which '90s one-hit wonder would make your list?

Which Savage Garden track makes your list?

Which Hanson song goes near the end?

Which of the Spin Doctors' songs would you add?

Which of Bon Jovi's songs would you add?

Would you add the "Macarena" to your playlist?

Which Celine Dion song would you add near the beginning?

Which Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch song gets played on your list?

Which Christina Aguilera tune gets a play?

Would "Ice Ice Baby" make your playlist?

Which Sheryl Crow song gets a slot on your list?

Which Sugar Ray song would you add?

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