Quiz: Do you Know how to Maintain a Central Air Conditioner?

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Learn how to make some repairs of your central air conditioner. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about how to repair central air conditioners.

Central air conditioners have how many components?

Central air conditioners have two components: the condenser and the evaporator.


If your air conditioner unit works but the house is not cool, what may be the problem?

If the air conditioner works but the house is not cool, check the distribution system for a problem.


Where is a central air conditioner's condenser unit located?

The condenser unit is usually mounted on a concrete slab outside the home.


What may block air flow to the condenser unit?

Remove any vegetation and brush that could block air flow to the condenser unit.


What material should you use to clean the condenser coil?

Purchase commercial coil cleanser and follow its instructions.


If the condenser does not run, what should you do before calling for a professional?

Troubleshoot first by checking if the power source is working. If fuses have blown or a circuit breaker has tripped, restoring power may solve your problem. If a power issue is not the problem, lower the thermostat by five degrees and hopefully the condenser will kick in. If not, you need to call a professional.


What may cause inadequate cooling?

An air conditioner that is too small for the space may cause inadequate cooling. A dirty evaporator or dirty air filter may also cause inadequate cooling.


What should you use to prevent fungus growth in your central air conditioner ?

Pour one tablespoon of bleach into the evaporator weep hole to prevent mold and mildew buildup.


What should you use to unclog the weep hole?

Use a piece of wire to open the weep hole.


Why is it a bad idea to clean the condenser fins with a hose?

Water may turn dirt into mud and create a bigger mess. Clean the fins with a soft brush.


How can you prevent ice damage to the condenser in very frigid weather?

Cover the condenser with a commercial cover or secure a heavy plastic tarp around the condenser.


Who is qualified to recharge the air conditioner's coolant?

Call a professional if your air conditioner needs more coolant.


What is the name of the coolant used in most air conditioners?

Freon is the coolant used in most central air conditioners.


Why would you need a carpenter's level to maintain a central air conditioner?

The condenser is mounted on a concrete pad. Due to settling, sometimes the concrete pad becomes unlevel. Use a level to make sure the pad is horizontally aligned.


How do you repair an unlevel concrete slab?

To repair the concrete slab, lift the slab until level and prop it up with gravel or rocks.


What are the condenser fins made of?

The fins are constructed from lightweight aluminum. Straighten bent fins with a fine comb.


What is the first step before starting any air conditioner maintenance project?

Turn the air conditioner off and disconnect it from the power source before starting any maintenance project.


How often should air conditioners be professionally inspected?

Inspect yearly before starting the warm weather season.


Why would a hand-held mirror be handy when maintaining your central air conditioner?

When cleaning the evaporator, use the mirror to view hard to see spots.


How often should the evaporator be cleaned?

Clean the evaporator annually.


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