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Tom Selleck became a household name due to his role as a private investigator in paradise. How much do you know about 'Magnum, P.I.'?

Where does the private investigator named Magnum live?

A wealthy (and unseen) author lets Magnum stay on the property in exchange for security.


What's the name of the author who never appears on the show but pays for Magnum's services?

Robin Masters provides some mystery element to the show, padding Magnum's posh lifestyle as he combats danger.


For how many seasons did "Magnum, P.I." air?

The show was broadcast from 1980 to 1988.


What sort of car did Magnum often borrow from his employer, Robin?

It was a Ferrari 308 GTS that was produced from 1975 to 1985.


How many different Ferraris did Magnum drive during the show's run?

The last of the three cars featured details like a black spoiler that went nicely with the red body.


How many total episodes were aired?

The 162 episodes were all 48 minutes long, plenty of time to gawk at Magnum's short shorts.


With which branch of the military did Magnum serve before resigning and becoming a private investigator?

Magnum served as a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War and gave up military life for a more relaxed civilian existence.


Where was the show filmed?

The Hawaiian islands provided the enigmatic allure for the show.


Who provided the voice for Robin Masters?

That's right, Orson Welles, the writer behind "The War of the Worlds," provided the voice for Robin Masters.


On which network did "Magnum, P.I." air?

For the first five seasons, the show did exceptionally well for CBS.


What does Magnum's friend Rick do for a living?

Rick owns the King Kamehameha Club, an upscale watering hole that seems unusually accepting of Magnum's very short shorts.


Which person did NOT guest star during the show's run?

William Shatner was never on the show … but James Doohan was.


Why did the Ferraris used for the show have to be specifically altered for actor Tom Selleck?

At around 6 feet 4 inches tall, Selleck was too tall to squeeze into the cars unless they were modified for him.


What was Jonathan Higgins' profession before he began managing the property that Magnum guards?

He was a career military man, and his often hard-nosed behavior clashes with Magnum's loosey-goosey nature.


What sort of dogs does Jonathan Higgins use to help patrol the property?

The two sleek Dobermans are named Zeus and Apollo.


What sort of business does Magnum's friend T.C. operate?

T.C. is a pilot who often flies Magnum around the islands chasing leads.


What do Higgins and Magnum call the estate that they protect?

The 200-acre complex is a haven for Magnum that he uses to his full advantage.


Due to his obligations with "Magnum, P.I.," Tom Selleck missed out on a chance for a role in which movie?

Instead of Selleck becoming Indiana Jones, the part went to Harrison Ford, who became a worldwide phenomenon.


Which kind of car did Robin Masters NOT have in his spacious garage?

The never-seen Robin also had a Jaguar and a GMC Jimmy, ostensibly for the days when he was driving around with his equally invisible friends.


Magnum often wore a baseball cap featuring which team logo?

Magnum was a Detroit baseball fan, through and through.


What was Rick's profession before opening a bar?

He served in Vietnam, too, and his weapons specialist skills come in very handy during Magnum's clashes with bad guys.


What sort of animal appears on Magnum's garish shirt?

Copies of this shirt, featuring different colored tropical birds, are available at many online stores.


As a young man, Magnum excelled at what sport?

He was a quarterback for the Naval Academy team.


What kind of beer does Magnum always prefer?

Old Dusseldorf, and only in a bottle, not in a can.


How does Magnum "die" at the end of the seventh season?

A shootout with the bad guys sends him to the hospital; he was supposed to die permanently but viewer outrage forced script changes.


What was the highest Nielsen ranking that the show reached?

Season 3 was the show's peak in popularity as it ranked at No. 3.


Of the four primary cast members, how many regularly sported mustaches?

In true early 80s style, only one man (Rick) doesn't have facial hair.


Near the end of the series, what does Magnum suspect about Higgins?

Magnum uses his sleuthing skills and sees behaviors that lead him to believe that Higgins might actually be Robin.


True or False: During the show's final episode, we learn that Higgins is Robin Masters.

Decades after the show's finale, we still don't know who Masters really was.


During the final episode, the show's creators wanted to reveal which person as Robin Masters?

Unfortunately, Welles died of a heart attack before the last episode was made.


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