Quiz: The Ultimate Madagascar Lemurs Quiz
The Ultimate Madagascar Lemurs Quiz
By: Staff
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The island of Madagascar, located off the southeastern coast of Africa, is home to a unique primate, the lemur. Take this quiz and see why the lemur resides only in Madagascar.

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When is the rainy season in Madagascar?
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What inhabitant of Madagascar is unique to this tropical paradise?
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To what family of animals do lemurs belong?
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How many species of lemurs are there?
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Why have the lemurs prospered in Madagascar?
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To which suborder of primates do the lemurs belong?
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What are the eating habits of prosimians?
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How would you describe prosimian society?
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How old is the first known prosimian fossil?
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What happened to the lemurs when the first humans arrived 2,000 years ago?
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According to fossil records, how big was the largest extinct lemur species?
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What is the smallest lemur?
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How do many tribal communities in Madagascar regard the lemurs?
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Where is the best part of Madagascar for lemurs to live?
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