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On the popular '80s TV show, MacGyver solved countless dangerous challenges with ingenious workarounds. How much do you know about these MacGyver fixes?

Which versatile tool does MacGyver use for many of his amazing fixes?

His trusty Swiss Army knife offers a plethora of capabilities that make many of MacGyver's imaginative ideas possible.


Which combustive item is NOT part of the harpoon gun that MacGyver uses to escape from an attic in Season 1?

There's no gas involved, but he fires the spear at a tree and then uses a zip line of sorts to fly over some scary guard dogs to safety.


In Season 3, what does MacGyver use to activate the hydraulic landing gear on a plane?

The pressure from the compressed oxygen helps him fix the leaking hydraulic landing gear and save the day.


To escape trouble once, in Season 2, how does MacGyver use rosary beads?

Sunlight concentrated through the beads burns through a rope and then triggers a catapult, which helps MacGyver escape from some bad dudes.


In Season 4, how does MacGyver escape an airplane that's been buried by an avalanche?

An oxygen tank provides the combustion necessary to blow the snow and give him an escape route.


In the same episode, what's the liquid MacGyver uses to ignite that oxygen tank?

Vodka-soaked fabric becomes the rudimentary detonator for his life-saving explosive device.


In "Easy Target," Episode 17 of Season 4, which explosive substance does MacGyver use to escape from captivity?

He opens a grenade and uses a bit of the C4 explosive inside to effectively blow himself out of prison without killing anyone.


In Season 6, MacGyver fills a rubber glove with which substance, causing it to explode and stop a bad guy?

He then punctures the gas-filled rubber glove, causing it to explode right in his pursuer's face.


In the pilot episode, how does MacGyver stop a missile from detonating?

Paper clips are not only good for organization and filing; they're good for saving the world too.


In Season 1, what contraption does MacGyver make from a rubber mat, candlesticks and a microphone cord?

The metal candlesticks were placed on either side of the victim's chest and then, of course, he comes back to life.


To make a small bomb in Season 2, MacGyver uses alcohol, nitroglycerin tablets and what everyday item to keep everything together?

The napkins hold the contents in place just long enough for him to detonate it (by chucking an object at it).


In Season 4, MacGyver mixes drain cleaner with phenolphthalein solution to create what type of distraction?

The blood is meant to serve as a distraction so that they can escape.


In Season 7, MacGyver exercises mind control over what type of animal, leading the animal to free him before being blown up by dynamite?

As the show dragged into its later seasons, MacGyver was reduced to a caricature of himself, using mind control of some sort to get a dog to help him escape.


What kitchen staple is NOT one of the key ingredients for the homemade tear gas that MacGyver concocts in Season 3?

He used baking soda, not baking powder; you knew that one from elementary school science class.


MacGyver uses part from what household item to pick a door lock so that he can escape from a mental ward?

The filament supports in the light bulb turn out to be perfect not just for illumination, but for lock picking, too.


What creates a tube for a homemade telescope that MacGyver makes at the beginning of Season 2?

He rolls the newspaper and inserts a watch crystal and magnifying glass, giving him the optical power to spy on his enemies.


In MacGyver's first season, which of the following becomes a critical piece of the frame for a hang glider that he throws together?

A downed satellite provides some of the framework that he turns into hang glider; duct tape may or may not have been involved.


In Season 5, what hardware-store staple is critical do a DIY spark plug that MacGyver fabricates?

He hammers the nail into the proper shape and then semi-magically fuses it to the electrode to make it work.


In the first episode of Season 1, what does MacGyver fashion out of a lawnmower engine and a tent, among other parts?

In one of many implausible scenarios, he throws together a nice ultra-light plane.


In Season 7, what does MacGyver create using a beer keg and ductwork?

Flammable whiskey provides an explosion that pushes the keg through the ductwork and into a locked door.


In Season 2, what does MacGyver use to seal the radiator of a damaged Jeep so that he can escape the bad guys?

The egg whites thicken inside the radiator, sealing it long enough for MacGyver to escape.


In Season 3, MacGyver conceals himself from an infrared motion detector by creating a fog from ammonia and what other chemical?

The acetic acid and ammonia build into a fog that helps MacGyver slip by undetected.


Near the end of Season 1, what does MacGyver create using an alarm clock, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope?

The alarm clock supposedly sounds when someone lies; MacGyver is no lawyer, though, because there's no way that's admissible.


In the fourth episode of Season 1, which object does MacGyver repeatedly manipulate into different shapes to solve multiple problems?

He uses the map as a sled, a pea shooter, to recover a key and other purposes during this episode.


What component is NOT part of the hot air balloon that MacGyver cobbles together in Season 3?

There were no bike parts, but he did need some nylon fabric to make his balloon, which they used to flee the evil Soviet pursuers.


In the 11th episode of Season 1, MacGyver uses a gum wrapper to create what object?

In MacGyver's capable hands, the shiny wrapper serves perfectly as a fishing lure.


When he encounters a scary sulfuric acid leak, what treat does MacGyver use to halt the acid's spread?

The chocolate supposedly reacts with the acid and stops the leak; drops mic.


When he's trapped by (another) avalanche in Season 2, what does MacGyver use to shoot a signal into the air?

He uses the hollow ski pole as a blowgun of sorts, shooting a small signal parachute into the air and allowing rescuers to reach him.


In one episode, how does MacGyver fix a hot air balloon after it is punctured by bullets?

With the power of duct tape, you too, can become a famous fix-it hero.


In Season 1, what component is NOT part of the cart that MacGyver uses as a decoy to avoid heat-seeking guns?

There's no heating pad, but the serving cart and suit of armor roll through the property, creating the distraction that MacGyver needs to escape harm.


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