Quiz: MacBook Pro Quiz
MacBook Pro Quiz
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The MacBook Pro is Apple's high-end notebook computer and a favorite among Mac enthusiasts. Think you're a pro at the MacBook Pro? Find out with our quiz.

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What was the biggest difference between the MacBook Pro and its predecessor, the PowerBook G4?
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Which of these is different in a MacBook versus in a MacBook Pro?
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Which of these MacBook Pro upgrades costs less than $900 on a 17 inch MacBook Pro?
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What is Apple's equivalent of Microsoft Office called?
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Which of these isn't part of the MacBook Pro's software package?
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Which of these processors can you get in a new 15-inch MacBook Pro?
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What is the battery life on the MacBook Pro?
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The MacBook Pro uses quite a few magnets in its design. Which of these isn't magnetic?
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Which operating system comes with new MacBook Pros?
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When did Apple first announce the MacBook Pro?
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Which of these is not free third-party software for the MacBook Pro?
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The MacBook pro was Apple's first Intel-based notebook, but not their first Intel-based computer. Which Mac bears that distinction?
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What machine did Apple replace with the MacBook Pro?
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If you're bargain-hunting, what's the base price for the least expensive new MacBook Pro?
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Which of these accessories is included with the new MacBook Pros?
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What is the MacBook Pro's body made from?
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MacBook Pro's FaceTime HD app lets you use FaceTime to have HD video chats on your Mac, but there are some limitations. Which device can't FaceTime with your MacBook Pro?
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True or False: New MacBook Pros don't come with a FireWire port for transferring data.
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